Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Fruitful Day

I spent most of the day at Swissotel @ Raffles today attending my very first charity event hosted by PPIS.

Kudos to the organizing committee for making it a very memorable experience for me. The food was great, the entertainment even more so!

Did i mention there was Taufik Batisah? I noe that he is so passe these days but i still need my local dose of "taufik-ism".

Rahimah Rahim (senior) was there performing as well and R. Ismail too (although many didn't bat an eyelid while he performed). The kids performances were ADORABLE. Kids, anyhow they perform also they will still look adorable. Bah!

I even got to revisit old memories back at the old PPIS Playfair centre

-waaaayyyyy back then-

when mdm nadhirah koyakutty was my nursery teacher. she has fond memories of my class cos it was the 1st batch of students that she ever taught there. not to mention that she kept in contact with my mom. so she remembers me! i cant believe that my nursery teacher remembers me. must be eons and yonks ago!

I managed to get pics of her and my sis' kindergarten teachers. haiz. wat fond memories.

Pics will have to wait. My USB cable is has suddenly gone MIA.

But let me assure u, there were plenty.

And did i mention that i got to shake hands with the president's wife and talk to mdm halimah yaakob? Ahakz, the political activist in me has suddenly stirred.

Dr. Maliki Osman was also there, and even obliged with a song which he sang together with his wife. So sporting!

Right now i better catch some sleep if im to watch the match between germany and portugal.

Oh can i just mention that i am soooooo happy that italy have reached the finals!? Forza Azzurri!