Sunday, April 30, 2006

Loong week(end)...

Ahhhhh...the smell of money infiltrates my nostrils. In a bid to gain voter's support, the Progress Package was doled out as early as Friday. And yours truly here has already spent some dough.

Mommy and daddy are refusing to let me get a digicam of my own. Okay. I will give in. This means more new clothes for me then. Hehehhe...

I joined the maddening crowds at Parkway Parade and bought myself a new adidas watch ( in pink!) at SGD25! and 2 more tops from dorothy perkins!

The search for my Norton Anthology text went down the drain. But at least i got my passage to india text. Money well spent i say.

Then it was dinner at has it been ages since i came there for a meal. Its still as good as i remember.

So today, i am going to attack Bugis. Shirts for him and maybe skirts for me?

Ouh...yes, have i mentioned that test dates are already out? So i'll be a bz bee in may. Mid-may till the end of may that is.

Aqidah Quiz I (16th May 2006)

Aqidah Quiz II (18th May 2006)

Aqidah Mid-term (25th May 2006) + presentation

I love my aqidah presentation topic, its "Discuss syirik in Trinity and Pantheism"

I am so psyched to start working on the presentation already!!!

And my E. Lit III lecturer is sooooooo bubbly. She is infectious! Okay im starting to sound like im high on caffeine.

I guess it isnt so bad that i have her class from 5pm to 7pm. Its just the long afternoon stretch of class on thurs that goes from 2pm to 7pm that i can't take. But there isnt anything that a pack of sour skittles can't do.

P/s: things are coming along nicely. and slowly. he's just the one overdoing it. im cool. no pangs of missing him badly. k? rest assured i won't make the same mistakes that i've made before. thanks babe for your concern. u r truly one of my bestest friends! muackz. love u zakky!

pretty maids all in a row


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First day back at IIUM

A mixed feelings of sorts. I am *as usual* not feeling it yet. I mean who is when you've only had like a one and a half week break. It was a pathetic break. and i am still exhausted. my body is still aching after a restliess night's sleep.

I already vacated the previous room and relocated to a new one. This one's on the second level (one level down) so it wasn't all bad as i thought...

BUT the previous owner of the room that i have to live in is a bloody filthy PIG! And she's a girl. Wat kind of girl keeps a room as filthy as that!? I was appalled at the sight of the room. I was annoyed at all the rubbish on the floor. The fan was black and peppered with all kinds of dust. Not to mention the RUBBISH HEAP underneath the bed. I dunno how she was able to stay in such a state.

Besides the rubbish, the mattress was a tad too short for the frame of the bed. so pple can see the immense amount of rubbish underneath it. And then there are faulty drawers. I was so pissed and so tired with the amount of things that i had to place back on the shelves and i have yet to clean underneath the bed. *yuck*

Yesterday was kinda bittersweet for me. I had to leave home again. This time with someone extra in mind. And he even passed by the bus on the way to the 2nd link at tuas.

*not to mention he was looking pretty cute in his blue polo tee*

Okay, i know, some pple want to hurl stuff at me at this point of time. Heehehehehe...but gimme a break.

So yesterday after getting all my stuff from the storage room. i had to unpack. by then i was too tired after cleaning the rubbish. *im still cleaning up after her* so i gave up and just walked around in that tiny space of mine.

Then i had my first 2 guests to my new room. Kak An and Kho graced me with their presence and we made plans to go for dinner. We joined shasha, suli, darwis, nasir, aisyah spec, ilham, farhanah, dewi and laila to OTK.

I got myself some pretty blue checkered wrapping paper to line all the dusty shelves. I never had a probably with the previous rooms. they were all clean you know.

then dinner ensued, we ate hurriedly cos we were all pretty famished and it had already begun to drizzle. so we all walked to the bustop to wait for the bus.

And guess what?

We waited for a bloody hour for the friggin' bus. I. HAVE. NEVER. HAD. TO. WAIT. FOR. A. BUS. FOR. AN. HOUR. (save for yesterday that is)

Of all the bloody nonsense that i've had to put up with, transportation woes are the worst!

By 11.15pm, we all gave up and took a cab back to campus.

I was too tired and fell asleep. So did the cutie back home.

So there, another eventful first day back at iium.

And today...hahaha...i thought i had a class till 7pm. but no...apparently i looked at the timetable wrongly. That's only on thursday.

so I've got a class everyday except for thursday (where there are 2 classes). and there are no friday classes for me! yipee!

I can't wait to come home this friday!

Missing home so badly...


Sunday, April 23, 2006

At CCK watching a soccer match

My first soccer match with potential boyfriend.
Yes, suddenly there is a guy, who is very much boyfriend material (and possibly much more) that has appeared in my life.
Things are all whacked and not in perspective any more.
Its pretty much scared me. Quite a large shake up in my life right now.
He’s nice and really wants to get serious but I dunno how much longer this is going to go on. I love the fact that there is someone in my life that wants to devote every waking minute to me (tell me, which girl doesn’t?)
Life has certainly thrown me a curveball.
A nice curveball not to mention. -all smiles-

Life is pretty much smooth sailing (for now that is)
Next semester I’ll be taking 2 classes, aqidah and e. lit 3.
I dunno how aqidah is going to be like.
It’s a friggin’ 3 hour class.
Wat the hell am I supposed to do to keep myself awake???
I guess this is where all the tidbits are going to come in handy.
I’m going to have to work really hard to keep the grades up. I am so bloody motivated.
I want the dean’s list so badly.
I hope there will be another rise in cgpa (no matter how small the rise is)

Who is the guy you wonder?
Well, lets just say its someone I met at a wedding.
I’ll leave the rest to your wild imaginations.
I know you want more but im sorry. I have to filter lots of stuff.
You know how nosy some pple are. Not to mention the pple who are soooooo busuk hati.

Oh and btw, if some of you haven’t heard, watching Peterpan in concert in KL at Bukit Bintang in broad daylight constitutes as clubbing.
(go and eat your shorts/underpants/etc!)
Do you even know the definition of CLUBBING?

Clubbing (verb)
1) the act of pounding your head with a club till you bleed. (the kind you see in the flintstones cartoons)

The next time you have a bone to pick with anyone of us, tell it to our faces and don’t go around pretending that you’re so bloody righteous. I will screw you over. And by the way, thanks for telling our senior that we went clubbing. Thank god you’re graduating.
You really are one of the biggest hypocrites that I’ve met in my life. You really wanna make me HURL.

Go screw yourself.

And by the way, next semester begins as of TOMORROW. Bummer.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


i wish i had the power to change things but i guess this is the way its supposed to turn out.
not that my mom didnt allow me but i just don't want to inconvenience my parents since there isnt anyone to take care of Adam at home.


especially to Farhana.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006


All that slogging paid off! ALL the times i had to forgo coming back to singapore.

I passed!

Thank God i passed!

Semantics an A-! Hurrah!!!!!

Tomorrow chalet!

I can't wait!

And by the way i cant believe that he is so persistent!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Reporting from Singapore

Its back home for me and im reporting from the comforts of my own bedroom! I am so ecstatic!

I am happy to see (most importantly read) that all my friends in UIA are catching up with their sch mates and their best friends. I am doing serious catching up with mine too!

I was so happy to see Zak again after almost 3 months of confinement in KL. And then i met up with bride-to-be, Huda at admiralty. Accompanied her for dinner at McD's, a lot of catching up done. I missed them both so much.

I went on a shopping spree. 3 new scarves, 2 rings, and a partridge in a pear, just kidding. Also got myself a new mouse (so that i can play Zuma better hehehe) and also a spanking brand new foam cover so that my Abg F can sleep in comfort and knowing he won't get scratched at again. Poor baby. I won't treat you badly ever again okay baby? Very sorry.

Meanwhile, healthwise, im doing okay but im still having these wierd noises that my stomach emits whenever i have just started to eat something and whenever there is discomfort. Its the kind of noise you get when you're damn hungry except mine is damn painful.

There is something very strange happening to my digestive system.

As i write, there is a jarring pain on the right side of my stomach. I pray it isnt my appendix. cos i've seen an appendix scar and it isnt pretty at all.

On the other hand...he is totally pissing me off. Refuses to answer his hp. Okay fine. then i wont contact him at all. see if i care!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sicker than I've ever been...

I have been sick for at least over a week. It took its toll on sunday afternoon. I came down with a very bad case of food poisoning which put me out for 3 days. Today im feeling much better. Just a lot of gas in my tummy.

My digestive system really just wanted to take a well deserved break and lets just say i was feeling really shitty -pardon the pun-

I am currently at my grandma's place in good ol' kampung sikai in negeri sembilan. i will make my way back to singapore tonight. *at last!*

I am still convalescing so please don't expect me to jump up and down in delight when i get back. I might just make my way to the polyclinic the moment i set foot in singapore tomorrow morning.

Full details tomorrow then.


Saturday, April 08, 2006


If i thought yesterday was bad, then today its even worse. The library is ghost town. Everyone in campus is heading back home. Almost everyone is done with exams. and one of them is me!

I am a very happy person today. One, its my birthday. I am officially 22. What fun...NOT!

More responsibilities come a-knockin' as i grow older. And i can't believe tht im going to graduate next year. Wow. Time flies huh.

I finished my paper at around 4.20pm and i went out quickly. I just couldn't bear waiting till 5pm.

Its getting pretty lonely here. I can't wait till i board the train home. Just like the Hogwarts Express.

Hurry up 12th of April....aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh its so stressful waiting here.

I'm missing home so much. My dad was expecting me tomorrow after i'd announced to him tht i had already finished all my exams.


I guess they must miss me as much as i miss them.

Enough. No more thinking about home no more. Patience k....

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me!


Friday, April 07, 2006


3pm Islamic Literature Paper.

Wish me luck.

Dying for an A!

Happy Birthday to me too. Albeit quiet.

Missing family loads.


How i wish i were 18 again.

Anyhow, i really need to get back to my books.

Annoying keyboard's really noisy.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One More To Go

Oh long has it been since i last blogged. I so miss blogging. I will promise to do more of it when i go back. Meanwhile, wait for interesting developments coming in the near future.

Today i had my second last paper. Alhamdullillah it was pretty easy. Only the first question threw me off. I really should have read that chapter on mental grammar. The questions were pretty straight forward. Now there's only Islamic Literature left and then i'll be home free.

My body has decided to breakdown earlier than expected. Im down with the cold and fever. And i feel really miserable. I can't wait to go home to my fair isle and to my block that i've lived in for 21 years. I didn't know i'll be missing it THAT much.

On the home front, my little bro is sick. He's down with the fever and has been afflicted since last week. I think its the dreadful weather singapore's been having the past few weeks. Its been pouring cats and dogs and yesterday (i heard from a friend) and there was a flash flood in Bedok. Cars were submerged in water and motorcyclists had to push their motorbikes. I hope the weather takes a turn for the better when i get back. I would love to go to the beach and enjoy the sunny skies and the ocean sprays. East Coast Park wait for meeeeeeeeee....


I dread the thought of moving from my current dorm room. I have moved for a total of 3 times in the past 3 years so that's once every academic year. I'm the sort of person who doesn't like to move and make residence elsewhere. I 'll have to pack and then move the stuff to the storeroom and then when i get back, move all the stuff into the new room and UNPACK. What a waste of time and energy.

Again i state for the record that I HATE PACKING AND MOVING!

I have that camp to go on the 10th so i will be back in singapore by the 13th. What a drag. Time can't move any slower right now. Pple left, right and centre of me are done with exams and are heading home. Some even finished their exams as early as last week and are now enjoying a 3 week break. Me? I only have a 1.5 week break before the short semester resumes at the end of April. Blearghhhh.

Meanwhile, Kak Sarhani and Uthman's wedding banquet held at UIA was fantastic. It was the best of both worlds. There was the kompang that accompanied the bride and groom and the traditional Sudanese dancing that was quite entertaining i heard. Sadly i couldn't stay long cos i had a killer paper on Monday.

Semantics wasn't a surprise at all. It was just that the questions were structured differently than what i first envisioned. But still it was a manageable paper. more post-mortems on exam papers. Its just going to give me a heart attack.

Meanwhile, i have 2 days to utilise for the last paper. Must do very well to get an A! Must not disappoint myself and most importantly my parents!

Anyway...i just want to wish my very good friend here in UIA Nurul Khasanah Bte Agost a very happy 22nd bday!

Semoga Allah panjangkan umur you dan murahkan rezeki. Ameen. Met Ultah! Love you many² babe and thanks for all the memories! I will cherish them for life. Thanks also for the advanced bdae gift!