Sunday, April 23, 2006

At CCK watching a soccer match

My first soccer match with potential boyfriend.
Yes, suddenly there is a guy, who is very much boyfriend material (and possibly much more) that has appeared in my life.
Things are all whacked and not in perspective any more.
Its pretty much scared me. Quite a large shake up in my life right now.
He’s nice and really wants to get serious but I dunno how much longer this is going to go on. I love the fact that there is someone in my life that wants to devote every waking minute to me (tell me, which girl doesn’t?)
Life has certainly thrown me a curveball.
A nice curveball not to mention. -all smiles-

Life is pretty much smooth sailing (for now that is)
Next semester I’ll be taking 2 classes, aqidah and e. lit 3.
I dunno how aqidah is going to be like.
It’s a friggin’ 3 hour class.
Wat the hell am I supposed to do to keep myself awake???
I guess this is where all the tidbits are going to come in handy.
I’m going to have to work really hard to keep the grades up. I am so bloody motivated.
I want the dean’s list so badly.
I hope there will be another rise in cgpa (no matter how small the rise is)

Who is the guy you wonder?
Well, lets just say its someone I met at a wedding.
I’ll leave the rest to your wild imaginations.
I know you want more but im sorry. I have to filter lots of stuff.
You know how nosy some pple are. Not to mention the pple who are soooooo busuk hati.

Oh and btw, if some of you haven’t heard, watching Peterpan in concert in KL at Bukit Bintang in broad daylight constitutes as clubbing.
(go and eat your shorts/underpants/etc!)
Do you even know the definition of CLUBBING?

Clubbing (verb)
1) the act of pounding your head with a club till you bleed. (the kind you see in the flintstones cartoons)

The next time you have a bone to pick with anyone of us, tell it to our faces and don’t go around pretending that you’re so bloody righteous. I will screw you over. And by the way, thanks for telling our senior that we went clubbing. Thank god you’re graduating.
You really are one of the biggest hypocrites that I’ve met in my life. You really wanna make me HURL.

Go screw yourself.

And by the way, next semester begins as of TOMORROW. Bummer.