Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First day back at IIUM

A mixed feelings of sorts. I am *as usual* not feeling it yet. I mean who is when you've only had like a one and a half week break. It was a pathetic break. and i am still exhausted. my body is still aching after a restliess night's sleep.

I already vacated the previous room and relocated to a new one. This one's on the second level (one level down) so it wasn't all bad as i thought...

BUT the previous owner of the room that i have to live in is a bloody filthy PIG! And she's a girl. Wat kind of girl keeps a room as filthy as that!? I was appalled at the sight of the room. I was annoyed at all the rubbish on the floor. The fan was black and peppered with all kinds of dust. Not to mention the RUBBISH HEAP underneath the bed. I dunno how she was able to stay in such a state.

Besides the rubbish, the mattress was a tad too short for the frame of the bed. so pple can see the immense amount of rubbish underneath it. And then there are faulty drawers. I was so pissed and so tired with the amount of things that i had to place back on the shelves and i have yet to clean underneath the bed. *yuck*

Yesterday was kinda bittersweet for me. I had to leave home again. This time with someone extra in mind. And he even passed by the bus on the way to the 2nd link at tuas.

*not to mention he was looking pretty cute in his blue polo tee*

Okay, i know, some pple want to hurl stuff at me at this point of time. Heehehehehe...but gimme a break.

So yesterday after getting all my stuff from the storage room. i had to unpack. by then i was too tired after cleaning the rubbish. *im still cleaning up after her* so i gave up and just walked around in that tiny space of mine.

Then i had my first 2 guests to my new room. Kak An and Kho graced me with their presence and we made plans to go for dinner. We joined shasha, suli, darwis, nasir, aisyah spec, ilham, farhanah, dewi and laila to OTK.

I got myself some pretty blue checkered wrapping paper to line all the dusty shelves. I never had a probably with the previous rooms. they were all clean you know.

then dinner ensued, we ate hurriedly cos we were all pretty famished and it had already begun to drizzle. so we all walked to the bustop to wait for the bus.

And guess what?

We waited for a bloody hour for the friggin' bus. I. HAVE. NEVER. HAD. TO. WAIT. FOR. A. BUS. FOR. AN. HOUR. (save for yesterday that is)

Of all the bloody nonsense that i've had to put up with, transportation woes are the worst!

By 11.15pm, we all gave up and took a cab back to campus.

I was too tired and fell asleep. So did the cutie back home.

So there, another eventful first day back at iium.

And today...hahaha...i thought i had a class till 7pm. but no...apparently i looked at the timetable wrongly. That's only on thursday.

so I've got a class everyday except for thursday (where there are 2 classes). and there are no friday classes for me! yipee!

I can't wait to come home this friday!

Missing home so badly...