Saturday, April 15, 2006

Reporting from Singapore

Its back home for me and im reporting from the comforts of my own bedroom! I am so ecstatic!

I am happy to see (most importantly read) that all my friends in UIA are catching up with their sch mates and their best friends. I am doing serious catching up with mine too!

I was so happy to see Zak again after almost 3 months of confinement in KL. And then i met up with bride-to-be, Huda at admiralty. Accompanied her for dinner at McD's, a lot of catching up done. I missed them both so much.

I went on a shopping spree. 3 new scarves, 2 rings, and a partridge in a pear, just kidding. Also got myself a new mouse (so that i can play Zuma better hehehe) and also a spanking brand new foam cover so that my Abg F can sleep in comfort and knowing he won't get scratched at again. Poor baby. I won't treat you badly ever again okay baby? Very sorry.

Meanwhile, healthwise, im doing okay but im still having these wierd noises that my stomach emits whenever i have just started to eat something and whenever there is discomfort. Its the kind of noise you get when you're damn hungry except mine is damn painful.

There is something very strange happening to my digestive system.

As i write, there is a jarring pain on the right side of my stomach. I pray it isnt my appendix. cos i've seen an appendix scar and it isnt pretty at all.

On the other hand...he is totally pissing me off. Refuses to answer his hp. Okay fine. then i wont contact him at all. see if i care!