Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One More To Go

Oh long has it been since i last blogged. I so miss blogging. I will promise to do more of it when i go back. Meanwhile, wait for interesting developments coming in the near future.

Today i had my second last paper. Alhamdullillah it was pretty easy. Only the first question threw me off. I really should have read that chapter on mental grammar. The questions were pretty straight forward. Now there's only Islamic Literature left and then i'll be home free.

My body has decided to breakdown earlier than expected. Im down with the cold and fever. And i feel really miserable. I can't wait to go home to my fair isle and to my block that i've lived in for 21 years. I didn't know i'll be missing it THAT much.

On the home front, my little bro is sick. He's down with the fever and has been afflicted since last week. I think its the dreadful weather singapore's been having the past few weeks. Its been pouring cats and dogs and yesterday (i heard from a friend) and there was a flash flood in Bedok. Cars were submerged in water and motorcyclists had to push their motorbikes. I hope the weather takes a turn for the better when i get back. I would love to go to the beach and enjoy the sunny skies and the ocean sprays. East Coast Park wait for meeeeeeeeee....


I dread the thought of moving from my current dorm room. I have moved for a total of 3 times in the past 3 years so that's once every academic year. I'm the sort of person who doesn't like to move and make residence elsewhere. I 'll have to pack and then move the stuff to the storeroom and then when i get back, move all the stuff into the new room and UNPACK. What a waste of time and energy.

Again i state for the record that I HATE PACKING AND MOVING!

I have that camp to go on the 10th so i will be back in singapore by the 13th. What a drag. Time can't move any slower right now. Pple left, right and centre of me are done with exams and are heading home. Some even finished their exams as early as last week and are now enjoying a 3 week break. Me? I only have a 1.5 week break before the short semester resumes at the end of April. Blearghhhh.

Meanwhile, Kak Sarhani and Uthman's wedding banquet held at UIA was fantastic. It was the best of both worlds. There was the kompang that accompanied the bride and groom and the traditional Sudanese dancing that was quite entertaining i heard. Sadly i couldn't stay long cos i had a killer paper on Monday.

Semantics wasn't a surprise at all. It was just that the questions were structured differently than what i first envisioned. But still it was a manageable paper. more post-mortems on exam papers. Its just going to give me a heart attack.

Meanwhile, i have 2 days to utilise for the last paper. Must do very well to get an A! Must not disappoint myself and most importantly my parents!

Anyway...i just want to wish my very good friend here in UIA Nurul Khasanah Bte Agost a very happy 22nd bday!

Semoga Allah panjangkan umur you dan murahkan rezeki. Ameen. Met Ultah! Love you many² babe and thanks for all the memories! I will cherish them for life. Thanks also for the advanced bdae gift!