Sunday, March 28, 2004

im going home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boooo hooooooooo! :( im so sad that my holidays are over already! its been so much fun. gonna be starting sch most probably on wednesday. plenty of time to make my room a whole lot pretty and clear up watever mess and watever state ma new room is gonna be in.

so, wat happened today? one gd thing did happen. I MET MY BOYFRIEND! i know that its been kinda long and overdue but at least we met. it was so romantic. *sighs dreamily* we met @ kembangan mrt station (he had to rush back to work afterward) and then he brought me to this nice little coffeehouse and we had brunch together. so romantic! anything tht involves him nowadays is romantic i guess (considering the number of times i actually meet him)AND the ring that i bought that had the engraving on the inside fit him to the T! that was already a gd sign! hehehehe.

we talked abt wat's been going on (like none of the conversations we had late at night touched on tht topic harhar) it was good that we were able see each other in the flesh. i swear [cue southern drawl] he keeps on looking better and better i tell you kehkehekhekhe *gushes excitedly* i noe im gonna make my readers puke already so i think i'll end the lovefest here.

i'm in the process of packing. haiz...i absolutely hate moving around. it doesnt give me a sense of stability. and i hate lugging around a heavy piece of luggage. school...i kinda have mixed feelings about it. dunno wats going on. anyway i miss studying. so its gonna be good. i hope *crosses fingers*

so guys, wish me luck. lets just pray i get my desired courses this semester. love ya'll *saying it in a southern drawl* and gimme a holla on the tag-board to say hi okay? looking forward to seeing those lovely messages u bring! *muackz!*


Saturday, March 27, 2004

Take the School Style Quiz at

dats me alright. especially since im in a whole new environment and i get my stuff and accessories elsewhere!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Take the Girlfriend Quiz at!

a testament to all the hardwork ive been doing into preserving the sanctity of my relationship with my boyfriend (wondering wat im babbling about? dun bother cos im not sure myself! harhar! have a gd laugh!)
the week has gone by so quickly and its almost the end of the holidays for me. its been another rough week for me (and my boyfriend). we've been apart for so long and he's been feeling extremely guilty putting me on the backburner for so long. gosh. i have such a caring and sensitive boyfriend. i could almost forgive him for being unable to make a date with me. the key word is almost of course in case you havent noticed.

but instead of being such a bratty gf, i just let it slide. how can i make such a demand on him to make time thru his incessant workload? but i just wish that there were a bit more time for each other.
yeah in case all of you were wondering, we havent met each other since the day i came back. yeah...i am bugged about it but my hands and his are tied and we cant do anything. unfortunately.

i do miss him. (gosh this is turning into a mush fest isnt it? sorry but i cant help it guys) i miss him so much. we've gone through so much even though we dont meet most of the time. its taking such a long time to get where i want it to be. maybe its held in the near future. right now i'd just like for us to spend some quality time to make up for all those times we couldnt be with each other. just for a while.

anyway...enuf about all the mushy stuff.

im going for training tomorrow! yipee! its a gd way to get off all this stress of my back. i better start planning some training schedule to incorporate into my timetable. id really love to start whipping myself back into health. crazy as this sounds i luuuurrrrvvveee training. i just hate the cardio part of it. i enjoy lifting weights doing the stretches and the basic skills that ive almost forgotten (of course this is pertaining to floorball, what else right?) i'd better rope in some of my mates to join me in my trainings. i think its gonna work this coming semester.

and i got good grades for my exam. the 10 month studying hiatus did me good. im well into shape into going into the deans list. i just need to put more focus and more attention. semester 3 will be very good. i think im going to enjoy it a lot. a cgpa of 3 is something that im not too proud of. i need work. i have the drive already. marked out my competitors and im gonna raise the level of studying next semester (is this goal setting already or what?)

there is just one problem though. i need to get the desired courses. i have to do begging and pleading if i don't. just hope it'll pull through this coming monday.

cya sometime soon,
its the day after; so lets review the aftermath. matt rogers got kicked out unceremoniously from the competition. my take on this : AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH, try again next time Matt

not trying to be mean but the guy is just not cut out to become an american idol. lemme just tell you who is the most deserving of the whole lot....Latoya London. gosh im soooo proud of that gurl! She just proved me wrong and did the most amazing thing with a country song. i never was a fan until the beautiful sounds of latoya london just went to my brain. she was amazing UNLIKE matt rogers.

the people who got lucky (those who didnt garner the least amount of votes) would definitely be john peter lewis. diana degarmo did not deserve to be in the last 3 spots. she was good. however camille fans had better start punching in the numbers or we wont see her next week.

the people who amazed me this time round were john stevens and amy adams. they did better this time round.

anyways i cant wait for next week.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

wohoooooooo!!!!! AI3 is on again tonight. the heat is on. who among the remaining 11 will be the unlucky one to leave the competition???? for those who cant wait for the results...go to my links and i'll link u up to the site and get the early results long b4 anyone does.

btw, AI3 has got some great great downloads. they've got this chart for u to print out to follow up on the action of the finals. so u fill in the remaining spots urself...a must for all die hard AI3 groupies.

so judging by last week's performance...who will get kicked out this week? performing badly last week (in my opinion) camille velasco, john peter lewis, amy adams, john stevens. the reason i say camille is becos she was having stage fright. she couldnt seem to be able to smile. no doubt the voice was there. but in terms of showmanship, zilch, nada, zero! the same goes for leah labelle. if john stevens and amy adams (in particular) doesnt give the audience a run for their money, then they better go pack their bags.

becos it was soul night; of course all the african-americans dominated in this particular category. wats in store for tonight....hang on tight peeps. so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

yeay! i feel like i have a new lease of life! my plans for leaving singapore today were cancelled albeit due to a slight snag in the admin on the website of my uni (wat else is new?) so zakky, cheer up! im still gonna b here till the end of this week! whopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

im so happy! elated is the word! feel so good! ahakz...okay before all the happiness spills over i'll end it here.
btw, wish me luck for my results tonight!

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am i a sweetheart??? really??? well u judge okay? scroll down for the tag-board....its there.....juz look xtra carefully

Monday, March 22, 2004

Yeah 2 new templates in the span of just a few days is just too much but u gotta understand me, i'm bored to death and spend most of my time at home. it just tells u i have too much free time kehkehekhekeh.

anyway i like this new template..its nice and bright and cheery...yeah my mood's lifted up a little. yet again my boyfriend seems to noe how to make my life shine again even in the darkest of hours, thus the change for the template. (ive spent 8 months with my boyfriend! it has long surpassed the previous record! im so proud of myself! kahakhakhakaha)

the song featured in my blog is a new single and its so catchy! i just lurrrrrrvvvvvve Beyonce...she's just so sexy! the epitomy of a woman...all lush curves and not afraid to show it off....lucky Jay-Z *chuckles in amusement*

yesterday was a fairly good day. went to donate some blood (which kinda took more time than expected this time round). almost passed out on the way to the mrt station at woodlands after tht. felt kinda giddy but was too stubborn and i told myself tht it was just nothing. thank God nothing happened. after that i headed down to ngee ann city to watch my juniors play floorball. some of them are now playing for a club and i couldnt be happier for them. they performed extremely well but sadly denied to play in the finals by a last minute goal which was kinda confusing (cos i thot the referee already blew on the whistle before they scored) anyway it was very gd effort.

damn i gotta go back to KL tomorrow....and im dreading it. i miss home already!and im dreading packing all my stuff! this means lugging around some pretty heavy stuff....not looking forward to it at all.

managed to put in some time to shop after the floorball tourney yesterday! kehkehkhekhe....ive spent so much! i've gotta stop this annoying habit. i got myself this green coloured MANGO top. i loved the colour cos it was such a vibrant green (something that's lacking in my wardrobe)

well then another week has passed...spent many gd times during this short break and im glad ive got some time off from all the studying which was soooooo refreshing! now i cant stop but dream about taking my courses next semester (although i dread leaving home!)

till the next time,

Sunday, March 21, 2004

very tiring day.woke up late (as usual). Met a fren frm skool who resides in Johore...Senai or Kulai or sumthing or rather...went to lunch den after tht went for a walkies at where else but Far East Plaza. Bf called to ask me whether i wanted to go for the Hijrah Walk thingy but then at last i couldnt go cos registration was closed on Friday! Errrkkkkk! So there goes another opportunity to go see my boyfriend again....wat else is new?

bought rings (a his n hers ring) & got them engraved (romantic right??). den after getting tired out i went home and then found out tht my relatives were coming over for dinner. was about to plop off to slumberland till my mom told me i had to help her cook. but dinner was great.

got to noe that one of my cuzzies were gonna take part in a floorball tourney and we happen to have the same coach. so i voluntarily said i wanted to go...just be a spectator once again. gosh i love that sport. gonna go back to campus for registration soon. haiz...cant wait to get it over and done with...

the agenda for tomorrow...well a 1)long overdue blood donation, 2) go and watch my cuzzie play floorball @ taka tomorrow 3) juz hang loose... (fyi : i still dont feel destressed since the exams...i wonder y?) *says tht in a sarcastic little tone*

till then,

Friday, March 19, 2004

yeay finally a new for the song. i noe it doesnt quite suit the modd and the theme of the whole template but who cares...its my blog! hah!

anyways...ive been having a pretty shitty week....practically stuck at home most of the time and its boring me to tears. and if i do go out, i actually go out with my parents....

but thank god my friend is gonna save me from that short reprieve. Zafirah is back in Singapore. And she wants to go out wif me....anyways i made a lunch date wif her and im thinking of introducing her to Zak...i think they'll get along famously. Lunch at Cahaya im thinking right now. So...

other than that ive been having stuff cancelled right left and centre. lets just forget about that cos its just a dampener on my spirits. im hoping i have a better weekend. im looking forward to watching a movie suddenly feeling instantly better.

i hope things will let up this weekend...

American Idol was great not to mention....and there's gonna be Survivor tonight and at Zak puts it...woootness! ahakz


Monday, March 15, 2004

finally can blog today....i stayed away frm the pc for like half of yesterday which is pretty good. well im trying to utilise all this gd time to do lots of sufring before i end up in purgatory(aka campus which has a total lack of internet connectivity) AGAIN. anyway i also didnt watch tv only till like 8.30pm did i get really bored from reading a book so i turned on the telly and watched lindsay lohan in parent trap.

its kinda weird knowing tht she's now 17 and recently starred in "freaky friday" with her ageing co-star (cant remember her name off hand now).she looks so tall and so different from her freckled self in parent trap. i didnt even knoe that it was lindsay lohan who was the one who starred in 'freaky friday' till last night. anyways i brought my bro to the library yesterday and found out that my bro couldnt borrow books cos he already borrowed some frm another library w/o my knowledge. so when i was trying to leave the library, the gates sounded. i hate those gates. i call them the gates of hell.

but fortunately i got to borrow some cool books. 2 norah roberts paperback novels and 2 kinda modern type books. one written by the screenwriter of "stepmom" (yes the one that starred julia roberts). but the book that kept me going thru the night was the humor and wit of brian gallagher. he is the author of "junk male". it was very exciting. i couldnt put down the book till i finished devouring the whole book.

its all very male oriented. a tale of a whole bunch of liars and how all these lies end up. some gd consequences and some bad ones too. the main protagonist is this married saxophone player who is being put into a blunder by his scheming wife of 3 yrs who wants to get pregnant. she tells him that she is pregnant but actually isnt! ahakz...and she puts this guy into a frenzy by asking him to look for a permanent job to get a stable and steady flow of income. when he decides to sell his saxophone, he gets conned by this nun kehkehekhe....GO READ IT YOURSELF! I'M NOT GONNA TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY!

Go look for it: Junk Male by brian gallagher. its a good read. this one is for u kak norah!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

i have been a very lazy person these days...havent had the mood to update the blog. anyways wats been happening the past few days?

date cancelled, friendly floorball match cancelled, wat else? just a lot of bumming around.

But something good happened this week though. i have a lunch date wif my girlfriends (my secondary school friends, yipee!) and that's something to look forward to.

about american idol the other day. i swear injustice was done yet again! first it was lisa leuschner who didnt get the opportunity to sing. then it was suzie who didnt get to enter the final 4 of all the finalists. I just cant believe that leah and jon peter lewis got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a travesty! are you kidding me? even my youngest brother can sing better than those two!

i thought that suzie, george and jennifer would be the judges choices and i couldnt care less who made it to the last spot cos i really dont trust the american public judgements. frankly speaking its a bit clouded.

its just like last year's big mistake that simon made you knoe....remember he put carmen in? god only knows what he was thinking at that instant! so why didnt he seek to correct his past year's mistake? i mean isnt a new year all about making new resolutions? DAMN YOU SIMON COWELL! he just makes me so pissed sometimes!

yesterday's show was a riot! i was really impressed by lonnie hightower and also that army girl....they both have fantastic voices and i really think that the both of them are better than some of the finalists of American Idol 3 (aka Matt Rogers, Jon Peter Lewis and Leah Labelle). i have nothing to say about William Hung cos i think its annoying tht he's getting such free publicity for such a horrible rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". I mean, god, he just butchered that song man. And am i just he only one who realises this but why didn't anyone go interview Ricky Martin abt his view on Hung's rendition of his song.
I bet it would make a great interview piece. OR, better yet, get William Hung to interview him! Wohoooo!

But out of those 3 Leah i guess is much more deserving....i really hope matt goes down in the first round....cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! *evil laughter* gonna go on a shopping binge today *i think* (being in town and all, i just cant resist the offers!) Will report if i feel like it again....


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

its not fair!!!! lisa leuschner didnt get to perform! u pple are crazy *hurls abuse @ the judges*

gd day earlier on: great fun @ the zoo...havent been there for quite some time and it was quite a nice reprieve after the stressful exams. almost lost in that animal hunt aka treasure hunt style + elements of the amazing race.

i'll be back later after ai3

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

*gelekz to the best of 'Hey Mama'*

Wohoooo...another day of homework and no exams to think about....

"Tomorrow going to the Zoo you know" (mimicking the voice of the kid in the McDonald ad)

Yeah its a school outing...zoo hunt khekehkehe. At least we dont have to run around the campus...damn tht treasure hunt was way tooo tiring (damn campus is HUGE!). I hope the weather lets up tomorrow and we'll have sunny skies. Yesterday was awful! It just continued raining and was a blue and wet monday.

Talked to the boyfriend yesterday and i havent been happier since! Kehkehkehe...unfortunately interrupted twice (once by his mom and once again by my sis) kehkehekhekh. It was a riot! I cant wait to see him again! Hope he actually does come to KL in April.....*wishful thinking*

Another thing i cant wait for is american idol this wednesday! Lisa Leuschner is coming back! Whopeeeeeeeee! Simon Cowell is so on the dot when it comes to predictions. He is so not surprised since he's been in the biz for such a long time.

Anyway just wait lah for my reviews & comments...(trying to become a critic aye?) Gonna meet the girls this weekend! Yipeee! Can't wait for that one either!


Monday, March 08, 2004

*Jumps for Joy*

Exams are overrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wohoooooooooooooo.....the days of cramming, the days of sleepless nights are over! (and im talking serious no sleeping here!)
Phewww....i thought it would never ever ever end! I was already gonna drown in all those notes....

Had plenty of sleep after tht long journey back frm KL...after a tiring sleepless night and a very, very long day just cleaning and taking my stuff to the multi-purpose hall. Now im just thinking about all those stuff just waiting to be carried back to my new room! (*sob* yes they're shifting me to a new room)

Holidays are not even a month for me...not even a 3 week break....its a bloody 2 week break and then off i go again to campus to go do manual registration. I hate doing the manual registration thingy! Its sooooooooooo annoying and sooo blooody slow!

So there...i'll be going back on the 22nd of March to go back and register for the room and the classes for semester 3 and 1....haiz...hope everything will go well.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Its been a looooooonnnngggg weeekend. Had tht wonderful floorball friendly with a mixed junior team. And unfortunately i had some difficulty in converting a penalty shot and totally bombed that last shot and we lost but at least we lost gracefully. kehkehkehkehke

I met Shereen yesterday and we were like hugging each other when we saw each other. It has been sooooo long since i like last saw her. Well it was nice to see her again and when i come back for my semester break i am going to make sure that we all go out and meet each other. We havent been out together as a clique in an extremely loooong time.

I felt sick AGAIN last night and i swear i thought i was going to puke and choke in my own vomit while in my sleep. I finally got to bed way past 3am and then woke up close to 12 noon. Something is definitely not right. I havent been able to get a good night's rest.Dunno how im gonna get to bed tonight.

Anyways i had a great afternoon! I went shopping with my parents and little bro. After plans with bf were scrapped! *mental note: never make a date wif bf on sundays cos its a family day*

Bought a lovely orange coloured, bias cut, diagonal printed, long sleeved dress shirt *phew* I was so satisfied with my buy cos it cost only S$9.90!!! Whopeee and i didnt even pay for it! My mom did! I got her to buy some crabs as well so tht she cld make me Chilli crab for tomorrow's lunch *mouth watering even just thinking abt it*

I cant think of anything else to write so maybe another day'll be gd for me to blog.