Tuesday, March 09, 2004

*gelekz to the best of 'Hey Mama'*

Wohoooo...another day of bliss...no homework and no exams to think about....

"Tomorrow going to the Zoo you know" (mimicking the voice of the kid in the McDonald ad)

Yeah its a school outing...zoo hunt khekehkehe. At least we dont have to run around the campus...damn tht treasure hunt was way tooo tiring (damn campus is HUGE!). I hope the weather lets up tomorrow and we'll have sunny skies. Yesterday was awful! It just continued raining and raining....it was a blue and wet monday.

Talked to the boyfriend yesterday and i havent been happier since! Kehkehkehe...unfortunately interrupted twice (once by his mom and once again by my sis) kehkehekhekh. It was a riot! I cant wait to see him again! Hope he actually does come to KL in April.....*wishful thinking*

Another thing i cant wait for is american idol this wednesday! Lisa Leuschner is coming back! Whopeeeeeeeee! Simon Cowell is so on the dot when it comes to predictions. He is so accurate...im not surprised since he's been in the biz for such a long time.

Anyway just wait lah for my reviews & comments...(trying to become a critic aye?) Gonna meet the girls this weekend! Yipeee! Can't wait for that one either!