Monday, March 01, 2004

Its been a looooooonnnngggg weeekend. Had tht wonderful floorball friendly with a mixed junior team. And unfortunately i had some difficulty in converting a penalty shot and totally bombed that last shot and we lost but at least we lost gracefully. kehkehkehkehke

I met Shereen yesterday and we were like hugging each other when we saw each other. It has been sooooo long since i like last saw her. Well it was nice to see her again and when i come back for my semester break i am going to make sure that we all go out and meet each other. We havent been out together as a clique in an extremely loooong time.

I felt sick AGAIN last night and i swear i thought i was going to puke and choke in my own vomit while in my sleep. I finally got to bed way past 3am and then woke up close to 12 noon. Something is definitely not right. I havent been able to get a good night's rest.Dunno how im gonna get to bed tonight.

Anyways i had a great afternoon! I went shopping with my parents and little bro. After plans with bf were scrapped! *mental note: never make a date wif bf on sundays cos its a family day*

Bought a lovely orange coloured, bias cut, diagonal printed, long sleeved dress shirt *phew* I was so satisfied with my buy cos it cost only S$9.90!!! Whopeee and i didnt even pay for it! My mom did! I got her to buy some crabs as well so tht she cld make me Chilli crab for tomorrow's lunch *mouth watering even just thinking abt it*

I cant think of anything else to write so maybe another day'll be gd for me to blog.