Friday, March 26, 2004

its the day after; so lets review the aftermath. matt rogers got kicked out unceremoniously from the competition. my take on this : AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH, try again next time Matt

not trying to be mean but the guy is just not cut out to become an american idol. lemme just tell you who is the most deserving of the whole lot....Latoya London. gosh im soooo proud of that gurl! She just proved me wrong and did the most amazing thing with a country song. i never was a fan until the beautiful sounds of latoya london just went to my brain. she was amazing UNLIKE matt rogers.

the people who got lucky (those who didnt garner the least amount of votes) would definitely be john peter lewis. diana degarmo did not deserve to be in the last 3 spots. she was good. however camille fans had better start punching in the numbers or we wont see her next week.

the people who amazed me this time round were john stevens and amy adams. they did better this time round.

anyways i cant wait for next week.