Monday, March 15, 2004

finally can blog today....i stayed away frm the pc for like half of yesterday which is pretty good. well im trying to utilise all this gd time to do lots of sufring before i end up in purgatory(aka campus which has a total lack of internet connectivity) AGAIN. anyway i also didnt watch tv only till like 8.30pm did i get really bored from reading a book so i turned on the telly and watched lindsay lohan in parent trap.

its kinda weird knowing tht she's now 17 and recently starred in "freaky friday" with her ageing co-star (cant remember her name off hand now).she looks so tall and so different from her freckled self in parent trap. i didnt even knoe that it was lindsay lohan who was the one who starred in 'freaky friday' till last night. anyways i brought my bro to the library yesterday and found out that my bro couldnt borrow books cos he already borrowed some frm another library w/o my knowledge. so when i was trying to leave the library, the gates sounded. i hate those gates. i call them the gates of hell.

but fortunately i got to borrow some cool books. 2 norah roberts paperback novels and 2 kinda modern type books. one written by the screenwriter of "stepmom" (yes the one that starred julia roberts). but the book that kept me going thru the night was the humor and wit of brian gallagher. he is the author of "junk male". it was very exciting. i couldnt put down the book till i finished devouring the whole book.

its all very male oriented. a tale of a whole bunch of liars and how all these lies end up. some gd consequences and some bad ones too. the main protagonist is this married saxophone player who is being put into a blunder by his scheming wife of 3 yrs who wants to get pregnant. she tells him that she is pregnant but actually isnt! ahakz...and she puts this guy into a frenzy by asking him to look for a permanent job to get a stable and steady flow of income. when he decides to sell his saxophone, he gets conned by this nun kehkehekhe....GO READ IT YOURSELF! I'M NOT GONNA TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY!

Go look for it: Junk Male by brian gallagher. its a good read. this one is for u kak norah!