Friday, March 26, 2004

the week has gone by so quickly and its almost the end of the holidays for me. its been another rough week for me (and my boyfriend). we've been apart for so long and he's been feeling extremely guilty putting me on the backburner for so long. gosh. i have such a caring and sensitive boyfriend. i could almost forgive him for being unable to make a date with me. the key word is almost of course in case you havent noticed.

but instead of being such a bratty gf, i just let it slide. how can i make such a demand on him to make time thru his incessant workload? but i just wish that there were a bit more time for each other.
yeah in case all of you were wondering, we havent met each other since the day i came back. yeah...i am bugged about it but my hands and his are tied and we cant do anything. unfortunately.

i do miss him. (gosh this is turning into a mush fest isnt it? sorry but i cant help it guys) i miss him so much. we've gone through so much even though we dont meet most of the time. its taking such a long time to get where i want it to be. maybe its held in the near future. right now i'd just like for us to spend some quality time to make up for all those times we couldnt be with each other. just for a while.

anyway...enuf about all the mushy stuff.

im going for training tomorrow! yipee! its a gd way to get off all this stress of my back. i better start planning some training schedule to incorporate into my timetable. id really love to start whipping myself back into health. crazy as this sounds i luuuurrrrvvveee training. i just hate the cardio part of it. i enjoy lifting weights doing the stretches and the basic skills that ive almost forgotten (of course this is pertaining to floorball, what else right?) i'd better rope in some of my mates to join me in my trainings. i think its gonna work this coming semester.

and i got good grades for my exam. the 10 month studying hiatus did me good. im well into shape into going into the deans list. i just need to put more focus and more attention. semester 3 will be very good. i think im going to enjoy it a lot. a cgpa of 3 is something that im not too proud of. i need work. i have the drive already. marked out my competitors and im gonna raise the level of studying next semester (is this goal setting already or what?)

there is just one problem though. i need to get the desired courses. i have to do begging and pleading if i don't. just hope it'll pull through this coming monday.

cya sometime soon,