Monday, March 08, 2004

*Jumps for Joy*

Exams are overrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wohoooooooooooooo.....the days of cramming, the days of sleepless nights are over! (and im talking serious no sleeping here!)
Phewww....i thought it would never ever ever end! I was already gonna drown in all those notes....

Had plenty of sleep after tht long journey back frm KL...after a tiring sleepless night and a very, very long day just cleaning and taking my stuff to the multi-purpose hall. Now im just thinking about all those stuff just waiting to be carried back to my new room! (*sob* yes they're shifting me to a new room)

Holidays are not even a month for me...not even a 3 week break....its a bloody 2 week break and then off i go again to campus to go do manual registration. I hate doing the manual registration thingy! Its sooooooooooo annoying and sooo blooody slow!

So there...i'll be going back on the 22nd of March to go back and register for the room and the classes for semester 3 and 1....haiz...hope everything will go well.