Sunday, March 28, 2004

im going home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boooo hooooooooo! :( im so sad that my holidays are over already! its been so much fun. gonna be starting sch most probably on wednesday. plenty of time to make my room a whole lot pretty and clear up watever mess and watever state ma new room is gonna be in.

so, wat happened today? one gd thing did happen. I MET MY BOYFRIEND! i know that its been kinda long and overdue but at least we met. it was so romantic. *sighs dreamily* we met @ kembangan mrt station (he had to rush back to work afterward) and then he brought me to this nice little coffeehouse and we had brunch together. so romantic! anything tht involves him nowadays is romantic i guess (considering the number of times i actually meet him)AND the ring that i bought that had the engraving on the inside fit him to the T! that was already a gd sign! hehehehe.

we talked abt wat's been going on (like none of the conversations we had late at night touched on tht topic harhar) it was good that we were able see each other in the flesh. i swear [cue southern drawl] he keeps on looking better and better i tell you kehkehekhekhe *gushes excitedly* i noe im gonna make my readers puke already so i think i'll end the lovefest here.

i'm in the process of packing. haiz...i absolutely hate moving around. it doesnt give me a sense of stability. and i hate lugging around a heavy piece of luggage. school...i kinda have mixed feelings about it. dunno wats going on. anyway i miss studying. so its gonna be good. i hope *crosses fingers*

so guys, wish me luck. lets just pray i get my desired courses this semester. love ya'll *saying it in a southern drawl* and gimme a holla on the tag-board to say hi okay? looking forward to seeing those lovely messages u bring! *muackz!*