Saturday, March 13, 2004

i have been a very lazy person these days...havent had the mood to update the blog. anyways wats been happening the past few days?

date cancelled, friendly floorball match cancelled, wat else? just a lot of bumming around.

But something good happened this week though. i have a lunch date wif my girlfriends (my secondary school friends, yipee!) and that's something to look forward to.

about american idol the other day. i swear injustice was done yet again! first it was lisa leuschner who didnt get the opportunity to sing. then it was suzie who didnt get to enter the final 4 of all the finalists. I just cant believe that leah and jon peter lewis got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a travesty! are you kidding me? even my youngest brother can sing better than those two!

i thought that suzie, george and jennifer would be the judges choices and i couldnt care less who made it to the last spot cos i really dont trust the american public judgements. frankly speaking its a bit clouded.

its just like last year's big mistake that simon made you knoe....remember he put carmen in? god only knows what he was thinking at that instant! so why didnt he seek to correct his past year's mistake? i mean isnt a new year all about making new resolutions? DAMN YOU SIMON COWELL! he just makes me so pissed sometimes!

yesterday's show was a riot! i was really impressed by lonnie hightower and also that army girl....they both have fantastic voices and i really think that the both of them are better than some of the finalists of American Idol 3 (aka Matt Rogers, Jon Peter Lewis and Leah Labelle). i have nothing to say about William Hung cos i think its annoying tht he's getting such free publicity for such a horrible rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". I mean, god, he just butchered that song man. And am i just he only one who realises this but why didn't anyone go interview Ricky Martin abt his view on Hung's rendition of his song.
I bet it would make a great interview piece. OR, better yet, get William Hung to interview him! Wohoooo!

But out of those 3 Leah i guess is much more deserving....i really hope matt goes down in the first round....cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! *evil laughter* gonna go on a shopping binge today *i think* (being in town and all, i just cant resist the offers!) Will report if i feel like it again....