Monday, March 22, 2004

Yeah 2 new templates in the span of just a few days is just too much but u gotta understand me, i'm bored to death and spend most of my time at home. it just tells u i have too much free time kehkehekhekeh.

anyway i like this new template..its nice and bright and cheery...yeah my mood's lifted up a little. yet again my boyfriend seems to noe how to make my life shine again even in the darkest of hours, thus the change for the template. (ive spent 8 months with my boyfriend! it has long surpassed the previous record! im so proud of myself! kahakhakhakaha)

the song featured in my blog is a new single and its so catchy! i just lurrrrrrvvvvvve Beyonce...she's just so sexy! the epitomy of a woman...all lush curves and not afraid to show it off....lucky Jay-Z *chuckles in amusement*

yesterday was a fairly good day. went to donate some blood (which kinda took more time than expected this time round). almost passed out on the way to the mrt station at woodlands after tht. felt kinda giddy but was too stubborn and i told myself tht it was just nothing. thank God nothing happened. after that i headed down to ngee ann city to watch my juniors play floorball. some of them are now playing for a club and i couldnt be happier for them. they performed extremely well but sadly denied to play in the finals by a last minute goal which was kinda confusing (cos i thot the referee already blew on the whistle before they scored) anyway it was very gd effort.

damn i gotta go back to KL tomorrow....and im dreading it. i miss home already!and im dreading packing all my stuff! this means lugging around some pretty heavy stuff....not looking forward to it at all.

managed to put in some time to shop after the floorball tourney yesterday! kehkehkhekhe....ive spent so much! i've gotta stop this annoying habit. i got myself this green coloured MANGO top. i loved the colour cos it was such a vibrant green (something that's lacking in my wardrobe)

well then another week has passed...spent many gd times during this short break and im glad ive got some time off from all the studying which was soooooo refreshing! now i cant stop but dream about taking my courses next semester (although i dread leaving home!)

till the next time,