Wednesday, March 24, 2004

wohoooooooo!!!!! AI3 is on again tonight. the heat is on. who among the remaining 11 will be the unlucky one to leave the competition???? for those who cant wait for the results...go to my links and i'll link u up to the site and get the early results long b4 anyone does.

btw, AI3 has got some great great downloads. they've got this chart for u to print out to follow up on the action of the finals. so u fill in the remaining spots urself...a must for all die hard AI3 groupies.

so judging by last week's performance...who will get kicked out this week? performing badly last week (in my opinion) camille velasco, john peter lewis, amy adams, john stevens. the reason i say camille is becos she was having stage fright. she couldnt seem to be able to smile. no doubt the voice was there. but in terms of showmanship, zilch, nada, zero! the same goes for leah labelle. if john stevens and amy adams (in particular) doesnt give the audience a run for their money, then they better go pack their bags.

becos it was soul night; of course all the african-americans dominated in this particular category. wats in store for tonight....hang on tight peeps. so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.