Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How do i do this?

I constantly never fail to amaze myself with the kind of predicaments that i usually get mysef into. It really does.

Sometimes doing the right thing suddenly seems wrong and then you feel that you should have shut up from the very beginning.

See, sometimes doing the right thing also makes you feel so guilty and so bad.

Well then, i'll stop moping now.

I can't believe Huda's getting engaged in less than a months's time! I'm excited and happy for her to see her finally settling.

Spiderman, wherefore art thou spiderman?

Arrggghhhh, im simply stressed out and really driving myself up the wall with small and inane subjects.

Havent even had a decent holiday.

Let's hope i'll get to see the Blue Mosque next year.


Friday, August 26, 2005


We left, we boarded the bus and we arrived.

Thats the usual summary i guess.

But yesterday was better.
Left with the Duchess and kakak Twins.

We talked and talked and talked till our heavy eyelids could not hold on no more.

Fast asleep all the way frm Kajang (i think) to Yong Peng. Too much partying this week. Ummatic Week has always been a blast but sure as hell takes up too much energy.

When we awoke, we filled our empty stomachs and chatted...-me and the Duchess-...

The 'angau' period is still looming around. Yes i now noe i shouldn't be looking for my knight and his white charger but wait for Spiderman.
I doubt if i ever will see him again.

Suddenly im motivated to save moolah to head down to Egypt next yr.


The CoMoRoS dudes rawked the house...im still chanting that song repetitively in my head. Ouh and this time round i have plenty more pics to share from ummatic week.
Nasir enjoying the 5 mins of fame as pengantin

The Kashmiri Booth

The Comoros Guys In Action

The rest of the pics can be found here


Monday, August 22, 2005

Shiok Sendiri.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone was talking about you in their blog.

I bet at least 70% of you have. and i don't mean being spoken about on the blog with your name displayed for all the world to see okay.

i am probably losing it as it write this all down right now. how can he possibly have been writing about me? i must be crazy. it was just THAT part in his blog. so insignificant.

so why the hell am i making such a big deal out of it?

cos he's brainy, good-looking,plus he's very much grounded in religion (i loike!), loves literature (better yet!) and he's back home for his hols.and he can go on about literature for hours. trust me.

there are not many guys in the world like that okayyyyy

the skies seem sunny now but the winds might just change, making "his gold complexion dimm'd".

and it was just that one saturday that i wished i'd bump into someone i know...but to no avail. i had to go round the whole of bugis/bras basah and kacau daun nyer si azimahandmukmin.

all this crap is getting me down.

Prince Charming sesat on his white charger i guess heheheh.


Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've had the busiest of weeks so far in my two yrs in Uni...its kinda putting a toll on my SOCIAL life...crap...


today i got to see lots of eye candy hehehehe...from near and far.

but there has been a guy thats been drifting in and out of my conciousness. and recently he came back.

i tried to keep it in. but it refused to stay put. i dunno why. its just that charisma of his.

i dun even noe why i even bother thinking abt him.

its that unnattainable.

On a lighter note. THE HAZE HAS GONE!

Lets hope it stays that way. Nice and clean fresh air...just the way i like it.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cough, sputter, cough, cough...

I probably inhaled about a year's worth of carbon dioxide. Swirls of black clouds hung heavy and mind you, it wasn't rain clouds. It was more like thick heavy smoke.

On thursday, the weather took a turn for the worse. Between 10am-12pm, the heavy smog just got thicker and thicker till the trees in the distance were not clearly visible. It was so bad that tonnes of people started buying masks. It was certainly very surreal. I never remembered singapore being swamped in that kind of smoke. It was much worse than wat Singapore experienced the last time.

Shortness of breath and tightness in the chest were what i experienced. Thank God i left KL that night. By then i had been sneezing since wednesday evening. Air quality was so bad but i was still at futsal training. God only knows why i went. Sheesh. But then again i did get my new jersey.

Its a beautiful orange and black colour. Think of the Dutch national side.Red and white were out of the options thanks to the indonesians that got first pick since they are our guests. So we've stuck with orange and black for the past 2 yrs.

Anyways, national day celebration at Kl was a blast. I was really happy that everything turned out right.Although the security guard almost spoiled the whole night. We almost got thrown out of the venue thanks the fact that they thought we were holding some illegal gathering. Sheesh. Of all the days. But the cake was really pretty. I'm still struggling with my new hp...cant seem to get it to cooperate with the pc

nice or not?

Anyway here are the before and after pics of the haze.

Before and...


Anyway, thanks to all me mates that made the National Day celebrations a real blast. I had a real great time working at breakneck speed with the rest of the EXCO members. But i truly think the people that deserve the greatest thanks would be to my Shash Kebab and Kho. Not forgetting the ever trusty Secretary, Seri.

Tak sabar next program lah pulak! Hehehehe....I really hope that the Treasure Hunt will go well! InsyaAllah!

Yeay besok payday! Sandals i must get. Shoesies??? Ugh...spend and spend and spend je!

Next up: 2 tests and an assignment to hand in!

Blardy crap.


Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Little Something Something...

Just something to get everyone

-well maybe not everyone but i noe i am-

into the mood...the thought of my first NDP away frm home as a overseas student...KL overseas also OKAY! (different country already)

I screwed up just now. When have I not ever screwed up? Haiz...

I'm really sorry to all the parties involved. Sorry to have disappointed all of you...

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

I. am. tired. and. cranky.

Thanks to the oh-so-much-un-needed-fire-drill-at-midnite-last-nite i am now running low on my batteries. I am tired. Very tired.

Was just about to sleep when this annoying alarm rang and mind you, i just ended class at 10pm, studied for abt an hour and then when i wanted to sleep at midnite, this stupid alarm went off. So all of the inhabitants of the hostel blocks had to wake up (in watever state you were in) grab something to cover the head and just head down to the quad.

It was an oh-not-very-funny-moment.

By the time i got back to the room after their briefings and the headcount it was already 12.45am. And i was already too excited by the developments earlier on to go immediately into a slumber. I think i dozed off close to 2am and i had a class just now at 8.30am. And its gonna be a long day today. My lids feel heavy. I think i know how Linda feels rite now.

P/s i think you're just a bit too excited being back in school...hehehe relax k? Ni baru start sem...nanti lama2 u bleh tanding ngan panda heheheeh

Last sunday i went out wif my girlies...celebrated sha's and shereen's bdae. Hehehe...we were like dysfunctional shopaholics gone amok at the sight of every single thing on sale. The lingerie was especially crazy...hullo? where to get 2 for $29???

And i tell you...Secret Recipe is fabulous...i love their brownie with ice-cream on top! It is so sinfully delicious...oh god, and the choc sauce they drizzle on top of the brownie...uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum....provides orgasmic pleasure minus the sex of course....and you could go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the whole day....

And of course the highlight of the day was when i got PUNK'D...and it was not even funny....yeah i can still hear all of u gerls sniggering at me...

Me and my little obsession wif Taufik Batisah went a little overboard till i didn't even know that i was being punk'd. It all started with shereen, azimah and sha who pasted all these excited expressions on their faces about taufik being at IMM that day...so naturally i got all hyper.

- especially after all that choclatey goodness of a brownie-

And den these pple get me all excited and not expect me to do something...hullo...u mention taufik **** also i will get excited hhehehhee....pokoknyer kalau namanyer taufik and they reside in singpore sudah sah i will go a little NUTS.

At first i said no, cos i probably thought hey it was a hoax...but then my curiosity got the better of me and then i had to drag azimah and get her to show me where taufik was. prepared wif camera and everything u noe! and den she brings me to the Straits Times exhibition and there stood taufik...a life-sized POSTER! Aiyoooohhhh i was mortified...sheesh...

So when i got back to where the rest of the gerls were, they were all sniggering and laughing at me...haiyohhh they all bluffed me...i felt like a complete ass.

Ah well, heheh i'll get them back for that hehehehe

Now back to my free and idyllic time (till about 11.15 at least)