Friday, August 26, 2005


We left, we boarded the bus and we arrived.

Thats the usual summary i guess.

But yesterday was better.
Left with the Duchess and kakak Twins.

We talked and talked and talked till our heavy eyelids could not hold on no more.

Fast asleep all the way frm Kajang (i think) to Yong Peng. Too much partying this week. Ummatic Week has always been a blast but sure as hell takes up too much energy.

When we awoke, we filled our empty stomachs and chatted...-me and the Duchess-...

The 'angau' period is still looming around. Yes i now noe i shouldn't be looking for my knight and his white charger but wait for Spiderman.
I doubt if i ever will see him again.

Suddenly im motivated to save moolah to head down to Egypt next yr.


The CoMoRoS dudes rawked the still chanting that song repetitively in my head. Ouh and this time round i have plenty more pics to share from ummatic week.
Nasir enjoying the 5 mins of fame as pengantin

The Kashmiri Booth

The Comoros Guys In Action

The rest of the pics can be found here