Thursday, August 04, 2005

I. am. tired. and. cranky.

Thanks to the oh-so-much-un-needed-fire-drill-at-midnite-last-nite i am now running low on my batteries. I am tired. Very tired.

Was just about to sleep when this annoying alarm rang and mind you, i just ended class at 10pm, studied for abt an hour and then when i wanted to sleep at midnite, this stupid alarm went off. So all of the inhabitants of the hostel blocks had to wake up (in watever state you were in) grab something to cover the head and just head down to the quad.

It was an oh-not-very-funny-moment.

By the time i got back to the room after their briefings and the headcount it was already 12.45am. And i was already too excited by the developments earlier on to go immediately into a slumber. I think i dozed off close to 2am and i had a class just now at 8.30am. And its gonna be a long day today. My lids feel heavy. I think i know how Linda feels rite now.

P/s i think you're just a bit too excited being back in school...hehehe relax k? Ni baru start sem...nanti lama2 u bleh tanding ngan panda heheheeh

Last sunday i went out wif my girlies...celebrated sha's and shereen's bdae. Hehehe...we were like dysfunctional shopaholics gone amok at the sight of every single thing on sale. The lingerie was especially crazy...hullo? where to get 2 for $29???

And i tell you...Secret Recipe is fabulous...i love their brownie with ice-cream on top! It is so sinfully delicious...oh god, and the choc sauce they drizzle on top of the brownie...uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum....provides orgasmic pleasure minus the sex of course....and you could go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the whole day....

And of course the highlight of the day was when i got PUNK'D...and it was not even funny....yeah i can still hear all of u gerls sniggering at me...

Me and my little obsession wif Taufik Batisah went a little overboard till i didn't even know that i was being punk'd. It all started with shereen, azimah and sha who pasted all these excited expressions on their faces about taufik being at IMM that naturally i got all hyper.

- especially after all that choclatey goodness of a brownie-

And den these pple get me all excited and not expect me to do something...hullo...u mention taufik **** also i will get excited hhehehhee....pokoknyer kalau namanyer taufik and they reside in singpore sudah sah i will go a little NUTS.

At first i said no, cos i probably thought hey it was a hoax...but then my curiosity got the better of me and then i had to drag azimah and get her to show me where taufik was. prepared wif camera and everything u noe! and den she brings me to the Straits Times exhibition and there stood taufik...a life-sized POSTER! Aiyoooohhhh i was mortified...sheesh...

So when i got back to where the rest of the gerls were, they were all sniggering and laughing at me...haiyohhh they all bluffed me...i felt like a complete ass.

Ah well, heheh i'll get them back for that hehehehe

Now back to my free and idyllic time (till about 11.15 at least)