Monday, August 22, 2005

Shiok Sendiri.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone was talking about you in their blog.

I bet at least 70% of you have. and i don't mean being spoken about on the blog with your name displayed for all the world to see okay.

i am probably losing it as it write this all down right now. how can he possibly have been writing about me? i must be crazy. it was just THAT part in his blog. so insignificant.

so why the hell am i making such a big deal out of it?

cos he's brainy, good-looking,plus he's very much grounded in religion (i loike!), loves literature (better yet!) and he's back home for his hols.and he can go on about literature for hours. trust me.

there are not many guys in the world like that okayyyyy

the skies seem sunny now but the winds might just change, making "his gold complexion dimm'd".

and it was just that one saturday that i wished i'd bump into someone i know...but to no avail. i had to go round the whole of bugis/bras basah and kacau daun nyer si azimahandmukmin.

all this crap is getting me down.

Prince Charming sesat on his white charger i guess heheheh.