Monday, April 21, 2008

Pardonnez Moi...

Please excuse me for the lack of updates.

It is the lack of a social life that's keeping me from updating this dusty old blog.

Some days i really wish i were back in uni.

Blogging about classes was fun even though it was routine.

These days the routine is go to work, after which i head for tuition and only reaching home close to 10pm or later.

After that i only make a date with the bed.

And then the whole process begins again till Friday.

The only exciting thing that happens is my blood pressure that happens to rise whenever the sales manager is in the house.

The fact of the matter is, we're of same personality traits.

Therefore there is some clash.

Even HE senses it.

And he'll back off for awhile before stalking me again.


Thankfully for me, he isn't in the office today.

Some nasty flu bug has put him under the weather.

Lets just hope he doesn't pass it to me when he comes back.

Anyway, this week will be a packed weekend.

Starting friday, with my medical checkup.

Then a date with the UIA girls on saturday

And a wedding of Duchess on sunday.

Yes MY beloved Duchess is getting married to her Goosey!



I remember the inane talks we had on the bus on the way back to singapore.

Goose and Spidey.

*okay that was an inside joke just between me and the Duchess*

I don't even remember HOW the term Duchess came to be.

And thanks Dear for the Nasi Briyani.

The meat was super scrumptious.

Even though i had a little headache from all the lamb i ate.

Oh and as a parting note, please wear SUNSCREEN pple!

Even if you're indoors.

Cos all the UVA and UVB rays from the lights and PC can make u age faster too!

Minimum SPF30 pple!

Take care of ur skin and PREVENT premature ageing!!!


p.s: Your skin starts to age at 21 yrs!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

What is to come...

I have so many things to say but when i start typing or when i see this page, all activity in my brain seems to shut down.

Or is it the stress in churning out something for readers to enjoy getting to me?

I honestly wonder how all those S*TOMP bloggers do it on a deadline.

Sure they have a topic to follow.

But how can one POSSIBLY write about something so lame and mundane?

Okay that's another thought for another day.

So excuse me if i start spewing nonsense all over this blog.

How has life been since turning 24? (Qn asked by Huda the bestie)

Not much different compared to the 365 days that have passed.

Okay maybe this year's was better.

I spent it with family and friends prior to the actual birthday.

Had a birthday dinner with my aunt, uncle, grandparents and family sans my sister and father.

Like i've mentioned countless times already, 2008 has been kind.

Allah has bestowed me countless things that i feel truly blessed.

I have my health, i have food and shelter over my head.

I have clothes on my back.

I have my family.

My friends.

And best of all i have my AH *smiles*


That shall remain a mystery for now.

In due time.

Plans for New York and Europe have been scrapped this year. much for putting all my eggs in one basket.

But the good thing is, I will be going to Bali this June.

One week of sand, sun and sea!

This will definitely happen cos my dad has already gotten his leave approved.

And i definitely need a break before i teach.

Oh and have i mentioned that i've told my Director that i'm leaving?

Yes...its official!

No need to walk around with a big load on my back anymore.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

So, anyone in search of a job can contact me here for more details.

Or u can just reach me at my email located on the side bar.

June Bali, and insyaAllah KL in the early part of July.

Trying to make an effort to keep in touch with friends and my oh-so-fab-lecturers!

Ok now that i have exhausted all my brain juice, i can go now.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeeeee!

Dah tua² bangka still perasan muda like dat! hehe.

my father said the nicest thing: "macam tak nampak 24 eh?"

Wahhhh syiok arh he say like dat!


24th birthday...

I've been alive for 24 years (plus another 9 months or so in my mother's womb)...


That's a long time.

My wish for this year?

Be a better Muslimah, insyaAllah.

Be a better granddaughter, daughter, niece, cousin and sister.

What about being a better girlfriend eh?


You all help me fill in the blanks lah eh hehehe.

Poor AH still feeling jetlagged.

If i had a more than 24hour journey, i'd feel the same way.

I hope you'll feel better soon.

And i did tell you you'd have a culture shock right?


Waiting for your call :)


Monday, April 07, 2008

Panickus Maximus.

I can feel the anxiety building up.

Geez...turning 24 oredy as of tomorrow.

I'm like a REAL adult already lah.

Boo hoooo.

I want to run/fly/jump/hop/skip to Neverland, can?

Decisions, decisions.

Thankfully I'm not making any LIFE altering decisions yet.

Not yet anyway...2009 onwards right AH?

Speaking of which, he touched down yesterday! :))))

The whole weekend i was fretting and worrying about his flight.

Couldn't contact him at all, what with his 17hour layover in Abu Dhabi.

And true to his word, I was the first one he called when he touched down. 2140

*silly grin*

Pity he was calling from a payphone. If not it would have been a longer phone call.

Yesterday was an extreeeemmmeeelllyyyy long day for me.

I had my extended family over and 4 friends for a small get-together.

Celebrated my sister's belated 2oth bday, my nyai's 70th bday yday and also my advanced 24th bday.

Ohhh and i got my Coach wristlet yesterday as a present from my mother!

*if i knew she was going to pay for me i would have picked out smthing bigger & more expensive! hehehe*

I've been feeling stuffed since yday.

Too much good food.

And this marks the 451st entry.

I can't believe i've been at this since 2003.

The amount of rubbish i've spewed here is tremendous!

And i've made up my mind.

I'm going to let them know that i'm gg to leave the company.

I'll let them know by this week.


All the nonsense from HIM that i've tolerated.

*sesungguhnyer aku tak paham macam maner ko buat kerja*

Good riddance!


Thursday, April 03, 2008


is an acronym.

an acronym close to my heart.

if i could have just one wish i'd wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck feeling ur heartbeat together with mine knowing i could never find that feeling with anyone other than you...



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Loving this...<3

Missing you is my pastime,
Caring for you is my job,
Making you happy is my duty,
And loving you is my life!

when u feel alone just look at the spaces between your fingers remember that in those space you can see my finger locked with yours forever

you want to know how great my love is? count the waves...

Love, AH. :)))))


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

I know i havent written much the past few weeks.

Honestly, i was caught up in something really spectacular.

2008 has really been fantastic.

And its only the first quarter of the year!

And its APRIL!

I was speaking to Kha yesterday and told her that i'm already starting to feel the jitters.

It ALWAYS rolls around this time of year.

The anxiety of turning a year older.

I can feel my tummy clenching, my mouth dry, my head spinning.

In exactly ONE week!

Oh but there are things that im definitely looking forward to this month.

For example, getting my Coach Signature Hamptons wristlet! Yeay!

Getting a new *and quite overdue phone* for myself. 5mp y'all!

And waiting for someone to touch down in Singapore *goes all smiley & dopey*

Girls! Come home soon yeah! Izhar says that we should all go to Macritchie for a hike.

And Nora, have a safe flight to Beijing and back!

Enjoy yourself! You've earned it. :D