Monday, April 07, 2008

Panickus Maximus.

I can feel the anxiety building up.

Geez...turning 24 oredy as of tomorrow.

I'm like a REAL adult already lah.

Boo hoooo.

I want to run/fly/jump/hop/skip to Neverland, can?

Decisions, decisions.

Thankfully I'm not making any LIFE altering decisions yet.

Not yet anyway...2009 onwards right AH?

Speaking of which, he touched down yesterday! :))))

The whole weekend i was fretting and worrying about his flight.

Couldn't contact him at all, what with his 17hour layover in Abu Dhabi.

And true to his word, I was the first one he called when he touched down. 2140

*silly grin*

Pity he was calling from a payphone. If not it would have been a longer phone call.

Yesterday was an extreeeemmmeeelllyyyy long day for me.

I had my extended family over and 4 friends for a small get-together.

Celebrated my sister's belated 2oth bday, my nyai's 70th bday yday and also my advanced 24th bday.

Ohhh and i got my Coach wristlet yesterday as a present from my mother!

*if i knew she was going to pay for me i would have picked out smthing bigger & more expensive! hehehe*

I've been feeling stuffed since yday.

Too much good food.

And this marks the 451st entry.

I can't believe i've been at this since 2003.

The amount of rubbish i've spewed here is tremendous!

And i've made up my mind.

I'm going to let them know that i'm gg to leave the company.

I'll let them know by this week.


All the nonsense from HIM that i've tolerated.

*sesungguhnyer aku tak paham macam maner ko buat kerja*

Good riddance!