Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

I know i havent written much the past few weeks.

Honestly, i was caught up in something really spectacular.

2008 has really been fantastic.

And its only the first quarter of the year!

And its APRIL!

I was speaking to Kha yesterday and told her that i'm already starting to feel the jitters.

It ALWAYS rolls around this time of year.

The anxiety of turning a year older.

I can feel my tummy clenching, my mouth dry, my head spinning.

In exactly ONE week!

Oh but there are things that im definitely looking forward to this month.

For example, getting my Coach Signature Hamptons wristlet! Yeay!

Getting a new *and quite overdue phone* for myself. 5mp y'all!

And waiting for someone to touch down in Singapore *goes all smiley & dopey*

Girls! Come home soon yeah! Izhar says that we should all go to Macritchie for a hike.

And Nora, have a safe flight to Beijing and back!

Enjoy yourself! You've earned it. :D