Friday, July 29, 2005

I wonder...

I wonder how long this is going to keep up. This simply defies the rules.

Watever was done shouldn't have been done.

True, i wanted it but then at what expense? It seemed so easy to comprehend at that moment.

It was so easy and comfortable.

I am so in dip-shit....

I knew i should have just kept my mouth shut.

On the other hand, my flu hasn't made a comeback, alhamdullillah.
But my throat still kinda feels sore. But i've been chugging water like im trying to be the next singaporean reservoir. So i would say i am well onto the path of recovery.

I already missed one training of futsal. Daym...i simply can't believe HOW bz i am this semester. I hope that i get to finish one of my assignments soon.

There are tests due in 2 weeks time. And i havent gotten down to reading the damned General Prologue. But it should be fun.

The new academic calendar has been altered to accomodate the groans of students being unable to enjoy EidulFitr. And thus, yours truly now has only 3 days of a mid-sem break. 3days...wat can i possibly do in 3 days to de-stress!? this is utter madness...

Another bummer to add the the already burgeoning list would be the fact that i won't have a revision period. So examinations start from the 20th October to the 1st of November. AND, hari raya is on the 3rd of november. already pple are worried about getting tickets and not being able to come back on time.

please release the exam time-table now...i noe its a tad bit early but i still would like to spend some of my ramadhan here in singapore.

the thought of no iftar with the girls, no jalan² at the Geylang bazaar simply sends shivers to my spine.

Already i don't get to spend national day and enjoy national day + adam's 7th bdae this yr (and of course not being able to catch taufik in his acting debut in shooting stars! reads:i. am.majorly.and. royally. pissed.). it is simply disheartening.

I feel stretched like a rubber band and im about to break.

So how now about Ummatic Week: Sister's Cultural participate or not? I'm sorry girls. I simply cant make that kind of commitment anymore. Im sorry to disappoint you all. another jam packed weekend for me again...wat else is new?