Monday, July 11, 2005

Semester One...

Okay so i had a bad start to the new semester yesterday. I'm so blardy jinxed i tell ya.

While getting out of the car at Kranji mrt stn, i dropped my hp pouch (which incidentally held my ex-link card as well) onto the blardy floor. And it was only when i boarded the bus that i realized the pouch wasn't with me and the bus was already moving. I was almost on the verge of screaming and hysterical (knowing for a fact that i had so many contacts listed in moi hp). I called me dad on his hp -using my fren's hp of course- but he said he didn't hear any ringing from my hp. Then i finally came to the conclusion that it fell to the floor while I was getting out of the car.

I was already on the verge of tears cos i didnt want to lose my precious hp. SO i called up kak masykurah who happened to still be at the bus stop and asked her to help me look for the hp. She called back 5 mins later telling me and Aisyah Spec that my darling hp had been found. And guess where it was.

It was on the fcuking road!!!!!

Lucky no bus came and ran over my baby! Phew.

Now i guess u could say that i'm all set for the new semester.

Let's pray that my hp doesn't decide to bail on me again.

*Sheesh. How am i gonna get through the semester in one piece?*