Sunday, July 03, 2005


Wah, i tell you this hols has been one smorgasbord of good food the whole way thru and thru. Sedaps ke per. When i got back the first thing i indulged in abt my eating habits was the very very VERY sinful laksa at Banquet Jurong East. dreaming of that as i write this (not forgetting to mention that my mouth just waters when i think about that sinful dish!) - i think i'll probably whip that up before i leave for KL next week.

The other piece of gastronomical delight that i had was crab that mummy cooked to perfection last week. Chilli crab...yum. I only have that special dish at home probably about once every six months. I practically cracked and sucked out every piece of that hard exoskeleton till it was mush. I can't imagine how messy i'd look if i had to eat that at a restaurant. its another six month wait till the next crab dish.

This week itself, TWO pple blanja me makan. Once at Seoul Garden and the other at Sofra International Food. Courtesy of dad and Abg Mustaqim (tak sia-sia jadi usher utk MOU b/w Pergas n UIA hhehehe). Seoul Garden at AMK is very disappointing. Not a lot of variety. Plus its very diff to manouevre yourself in that establishment. The best so far (according to me lah but dun quote me k!) the ones at Takashimaya, Causeway Point and Marina Square. Floor plan for seoul garden very impt k! But nevertheless i enjoyed myself cos i got to spend time with my family.

Yesterday Abg Mus blanje makan kat Sofra! Woah...sedap jugak arh. Tapi biasalah kan kalau arab and mediterranean food is a bit bland and they loveeeee tomatoes. Dunno why. Anyway i had the shish kebab...the portion was JUST NICE! and the prices are akin to that of Swensens. So u shld head down there and try it for yourself. Its at Shaw Towers. Level 2. Click here for more info about Sofra International Food.

Ader tak siaper-siaper lagi tak yang nak blanjer kiter makan???

Aniwaes i had a pretty tiring day and i was completely bushed out just now thanks to the tuition. Its good to be tutoring again. But one of the kids im tutoring aiyah dunno whether lazy, slow, uninterested OR has a learning disability.
[Sabarlah ye. Patience is half of Iman]

Another week has come and gone. One more week left. I'm gonna miss this sunny island of singapore. if i live on an island, why is it that i havent seen the beach yet!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh. Must see the laut at least once before i go back. If not i will never get a chance to see it for the whole of next sem!

.::Dreaming Of The Seabreeze::.


p/s: methinks me forgot to mention that lovely lunch sponsored by Shasha courtesy of Sabar Menanti *wootness* credit should be given where credit is due heheheh