Sunday, March 21, 2004

very tiring day.woke up late (as usual). Met a fren frm skool who resides in Johore...Senai or Kulai or sumthing or rather...went to lunch den after tht went for a walkies at where else but Far East Plaza. Bf called to ask me whether i wanted to go for the Hijrah Walk thingy but then at last i couldnt go cos registration was closed on Friday! Errrkkkkk! So there goes another opportunity to go see my boyfriend again....wat else is new?

bought rings (a his n hers ring) & got them engraved (romantic right??). den after getting tired out i went home and then found out tht my relatives were coming over for dinner. was about to plop off to slumberland till my mom told me i had to help her cook. but dinner was great.

got to noe that one of my cuzzies were gonna take part in a floorball tourney and we happen to have the same coach. so i voluntarily said i wanted to go...just be a spectator once again. gosh i love that sport. gonna go back to campus for registration soon. haiz...cant wait to get it over and done with...

the agenda for tomorrow...well a 1)long overdue blood donation, 2) go and watch my cuzzie play floorball @ taka tomorrow 3) juz hang loose... (fyi : i still dont feel destressed since the exams...i wonder y?) *says tht in a sarcastic little tone*

till then,