Friday, February 27, 2004

whopeee my date went very very well...we both had a great time. caught up on a lot of things after almost a 3 week hiatus frm each other. it was fun! dinner was hilarious...kehekhekekh made me laff till my face ached.
I miss him already.
I am crazy about him! He is the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing i think of before i doze off into slumberland.
Now that im away in KL studying i feel like i havent been the best gf to him cos i dont have the luxury to be with him when he needs me and vice versa.
But nevertheless he's a call and an sms away.
Its been 7 months with him and im still a sceptic @ heart. I dont want to pin my hopes on him and then get my heart broken all over again. Its tuff to pick up the pieces and continue with my normal lifestyle.

But taking this one day at a time and enjoying the fruits of our labour of love.
I had a rough bus ride home. I got motion sickness and i felt like throwing up in the bus. And the best part of all, the guy sitting in front of me smelt icky and made me want to throw up even more.
I swear i could feel my face turning all green and all the half digested contents in my stomach were going to "rise to the occasion".

Thank god i manage to make it home in one piece and still alive and kicking but i still feel a bit sick. Maybe a good's night rest will take care of it.

Anyway, i'll check in again after my friendly match with my juniors (floorball friendly tht is; im still a nut about tht game)

Toodles and goodnight!