Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Survey schmurvey

If you want to play too, copy and paste it into your journal and bold what we have in common. Change anything we don’t share into something about you.

01. I've sailed in the Pacific Ocean.
02. I've smoked pot legally.
03. I’m terrible about making and receiving telephone calls.
04. I’m also horrible about writing/replying to email in a timely manner.
05. I like big dogs. Really, really big ones.
06. I have been to Canada!
07. I don't like to shop (exception: used record stores)
08. I like chocolate milk.
09. I loathe being talked to like a small child who doesn't know better.
10. I sang and danced in chorus and ensemble in high school.
11. I get sick of hearing the same old cliches over and over from everyone.
12. I hate waiting.
13. I hate being ignored.

14. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico.
15. I pick at my fingernails when I'm bored or anxious.
16. Disney movies usually make me cry.
17. I like British accents.
18. I like yoga.
19. I love the beach.
20. I want to go to Hawaii. I’d also like to go to Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico...
21. I’m all for gay rights.
22. Pop music frightens me.
23. I love to sleep because I love dreaming.
24. I'm slightly hydrophobic.
25. I was born on Valentines Day.
26. My eyes are green.
27. I only tell people I love them if I mean it (whether it be friendship or more)
28. I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp movies.
29. I correct people's grammar and spellling. (only sometimes)
30. And like to read.
31. Ani Difranco is my favorite female musician.
32. I like to be organised but never manage it.
33. I find it easier to work to deadlines than set my own schedule.
34. I like classic rock. (ie., Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors...)
35. I like sarcasm.
36. I like scary movies.
37. I am pretty healthy.

38. I thought the Blair Witch was real when I first saw it. (eek!)
39. I prefer independent muscians.
40. I like seeing live bands.
41. I would prefer a home made gift to something store bought.
42. I want more tattoos.
43. I'm an auntie.
44. I’m grateful for having the friends that I do.
45. I am NOT a morning person.
46. I get VERY cranky when I'm cold.
47. As much as I hate winter... I love New England.
48. I like clumsiness in other people... it's cute.
49. I wanna be a Mom someday.
50. I prefer brunettes.
51. I want more money.

52. I spend what little money i have at an alarming rate.
53. My real name is not Charlii.
54. I am not goth.
55. I secretly hated high school.
56. I am cold and detached on the surface.
57. women will forever remain a fascinating mystery to me.
58. I don’t like white chocolate.
59. I like girl rock songs (dressy bessy, le tigre, etc).
60. I like to write.
61. Someday I'd like to go dog-sledding in Alaska or wherever they do that. (even though I HATE the cold... this is something I've always wanted to do.)
62. I like movies.
63. I am NOT a cat person. (but only 'cuz they make sneeze)
64. I’m attracted to girls with glasses.
65. When people (friends) blatantly lie to me, it makes me feel that they think I'm stupid.
66. I should exercise more than I do.
67. I prefer face to face conversations rather than phoning.
68. I don’t like watching sports.
69. I might fly off the handle about something you would shrug off... but shug off most things you fly off the handle about.
70. I'm very understanding... sometimes TOO understanding and it causes people to treat me like shit.
71. I've been hearing, "fix your attitude" ever since I was a little girl. (I still haven't because I don't see there's really anything to "fix".)
72. I'm very anal about silly things. (like what size my fork is... I refuse to use a "big" fork.)
73. I don't like it when the shower curtain is open.
74. I don’t enjoy sitting in traffic.
75. Spring is my favorite season.
76. I don't like politics.
77. I have the kind of beauty that moves.
78. I daydream too much.
79. I love cheese balls!
80. I have swam (swum? swimmed?) in the ocean.
81. I've been stung by a jellyfish because of it.
82. I love food.
83. I never make a promise unless I know I can keep it.
84. Some people I instantly click with, whilst others I just can’t get on with.
85. I have been horseback riding.
86. I prefer the morbidly depressed to the ecstatically joyous.
87. I am constantly dehydrated.
88. I like grilled vegetables.
89. I am most content in a sunny climate.
90. I’m so fucking bored right now.

91. I am not a judgemental person.
92. I hate poop.
93. Consistent is not a word in my personal vocabulary.
94. I’ve knowingly done illegal things. I’ll leave it at that.
95. I like to wear the color black.
96. I am spiritual.
97. I think some fat women are beautiful.

98. I am very rarely satisfied with anything that I create.
99. I want to play soccer again.
100. I am probably not the person you think I am. Unless you know me. Then that’s exactly who I am. But I’ll probably still surprise you from time to time. (it will be all the time)