Sunday, February 15, 2004

Currently listening to: Sarai "Ladies" followed by Fatman Scoobe "Be Faithful"

This song is so happening!
I've been so deprived of the radio (even though i do have access to it). I love listening to dance tracks and just dancing away like nobody's business. Its just a gd way to chill out. I also like most of the tracks from the movie 'Save The Last Dance'.

Speaking of movies, I can't wait for the movie 'Honey' to come out. I have this feeling its gonna turn out like 'Save The Last Dance'.Nvertheless, its gonna be a must watch movie for me...Im such a sucker for these type of movies...

In the next blogging episode.....
U can expect me to shoot of something mundane like this again kehkehkehekeh

See ya!