Saturday, February 14, 2004

Monday, February 02, 2004


12th Feb, 13:30

Location: Campus , Gombak Selangor

Booooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Exams are like so around the corner! Ugh and i have a test tomorrow. Its a malay language test but i swear its so much tougher than english even though its supposed to be my native tongue.

I am so not going back to Singapore this weekend cos i am super and mightily pissed that i dont get to spend enuf quality time with my honey. Everytime i want to go out with him he's like so busy with everything else! Everything else but me!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he doesn't know about this Blog cos i feel so good, venting my frustrations out on this site.

Anyway i cant stay long here cos i have an Arabic class later at 2pm KL time and that's about 15 mins frm now.

More about this past week: Been feeling so moody and upset cos i was unable to spend time with my honey and its affected me so much that my frens said that i wasn't looking as cheerful as before and even when my mom called me last night and even she commented that i sounded kinda sick. I'm losing my appetite (well that's a good thing in my book cos i think ive been eating a bit too much!) and overall i feel kinda sickly.

I forgot to bring my mobile phone today and im sure my boyfriend must have sms'ed me by now. Ugh never mind. I'll just get back to it later

Agenda for the rest of the day, try not to take a nap later this afternoon to complete my sociology assignment and then followed by cramming for my Malay language test tomorrow. Hey its a big deal!!!! 20% of my final grade u know!

After having such and emotional week, with last night being the highlight of it all (it was the Graduating party for the graduating Singaporean seniors; which wa sa tearful event nonetheless), i'd say that this week has been very eventful and very sad, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Well then, thats all for this edition of Blurb of The Day (maybe i shld change it to Blurb Of The Week since i come here and update my blog rarely)

Yours truly, the Verbose Mistress