Thursday, February 26, 2004

well like i said the night before...only the best survived this time round in AI. and as usual my prediction was right LaToya made it and im not disappointed tht Amy made it. im just surprised Leah Labelle didnt get in the top 3. Jon was not an unworthy opponent though.

Im just wondering who will be next on the chopping board....AI seems to get interesting every single time....
So while we await those in the next round...lets just say a silent prayer so that we dont get another repeat telecast like that of grp 2....

Kudos to the two that made it thru...u guys were truly deserving and better luck next year to those who didnt make it (especially to Leah)

Till the next airing of AI (although i might not be around to report it cos i'll be back in KL taking my 2 final papers.)
See ya soon peeps!