Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Okay Weekend

I had an okay weekend overall...just wish my boyfriend was a bit livelier. I blame it on the damn foot! But we had a good time nonetheless. Romantic! Hadn't gone on a date for so long that i immediately felt rejuvenated. Meanwhile, im gonna see him again later today! Wohoooo! *overjoyed*

No studying done...as usual kehekekhekh. But seriously, if im gonna go on like this, i wont be on the dean's list in the coming semester's as planned. Come on...rough it out a bit...just 2 more subjects and none of it the following semester....

Hmm...lemme see...oh yes..i went back to my alma mater earlier this evening. Had a great workout session. I really felt out of shape. Puffing after a bit or running around. More like 15 mins of non-stop running. But it felt really good. The guys have gotten so good. The training session was phenomenal! I've missed the game so much and it was great being able to hit the ball around and be in my element once more. It was soooo coool! Anyways, i'll be back for a 2nd session of training in school again this saturday and im predicting its gonna be a hell of a day! (But i have to make sure that ive studied!)

So toodles gang.