Saturday, February 14, 2004

Saturday, January 31, 2004


Location: Home, Singapore

Got back home from KL (yet again khekehkehkeh) last night and boy was i tired yesterday. I was kept pretty busy the whole week thanks to that presentation for my Malay class that was due yesterday. Getting that presentation was taking soooo much of my precious sleeping time.


I had just one class which ended close to noon and then i proceeded to the canteen at the Human Sciences [HS] faculty (where all the Singaporean students congregate incidentally) had my lunch and then went back to my room to get some reading done for my next class the next day. To no avail, i practically wasted away the whole Monday afternoon reading a novel instead of doing my readings (naughty me!)

After performing my later afternoon prayers, i then took my shower then left for the HS canteen again for a discussion. Got back late and almost got busted for nearly missing the curfew @ my hostel.


Many classes today. Mass comm; Sociology and not forgetting my Arabic class. That was a very tiring day. Came back to my room and took a short nap before heading off to a talk organized by some of my seniors of the Association for Singapore Students of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (ASSIUM)

I enjoyed that talk. It was all about the Muslims in Europe. Sprinkled with humour and the slight Morrocan accented speech of our guest speaker...most of us ended up in stitches by the end of his talk.

Got back late again and went to bed pretty much exhausted!


Just an Arabic class today. Was extremely exhausted cos i slept late the night before. My class started at ten so i managed to get in some extra shut eye after my morning prayers. Yet another long day and also another discussion for the planning of the presentation. By that time i was pretty much sick and tired (not to mention stressed up) trying to prepare for the presentation on friday.


3 classes again! Ughhhhh. This mundane week is getting to me. By this time i was already looking forward to going home on friday. Presentation is tomorrow! Argghhhhh and we havent printed the assignment yet and we havent finished doing the slides! Metting up again tonight for the final touch- ups and also to get the rest of the presentation finished.

Called Najib to pick us up so he could send me and Huzaifah back but he completely forgot! Ugh...tired and feeling really cold and alone...i trudged back to my hostel tired and only got to bed at 2AM!!!!!! Hadn't packed at all and i was pretty pissed and just getting pretty grumpy.


Finally got to bed and almost missed morning up late, packed, took a shower, got ready and then arrived a few minutes late for class. Finally got the presentation over and done with and I'm going home today!

Took a feeder bus to the train station then alighted at PASAR SENI...walked to the bus depot and stopped on the way to get some brunch (although it was past brunch time, only i hadnt taken any lunch or breakfast at all). Bought a whopper at Burger King, boarded the bus at the depot and finally was on my way home.

Reached home close to 8pm.....but it was worth it cos i managed to get some sleep in the bus...

There, a short condensed version of watever happened lately....cant write anymore or i'll be late for my lunch date with my girlfriend!