Sunday, April 30, 2006

Loong week(end)...

Ahhhhh...the smell of money infiltrates my nostrils. In a bid to gain voter's support, the Progress Package was doled out as early as Friday. And yours truly here has already spent some dough.

Mommy and daddy are refusing to let me get a digicam of my own. Okay. I will give in. This means more new clothes for me then. Hehehhe...

I joined the maddening crowds at Parkway Parade and bought myself a new adidas watch ( in pink!) at SGD25! and 2 more tops from dorothy perkins!

The search for my Norton Anthology text went down the drain. But at least i got my passage to india text. Money well spent i say.

Then it was dinner at has it been ages since i came there for a meal. Its still as good as i remember.

So today, i am going to attack Bugis. Shirts for him and maybe skirts for me?

Ouh...yes, have i mentioned that test dates are already out? So i'll be a bz bee in may. Mid-may till the end of may that is.

Aqidah Quiz I (16th May 2006)

Aqidah Quiz II (18th May 2006)

Aqidah Mid-term (25th May 2006) + presentation

I love my aqidah presentation topic, its "Discuss syirik in Trinity and Pantheism"

I am so psyched to start working on the presentation already!!!

And my E. Lit III lecturer is sooooooo bubbly. She is infectious! Okay im starting to sound like im high on caffeine.

I guess it isnt so bad that i have her class from 5pm to 7pm. Its just the long afternoon stretch of class on thurs that goes from 2pm to 7pm that i can't take. But there isnt anything that a pack of sour skittles can't do.

P/s: things are coming along nicely. and slowly. he's just the one overdoing it. im cool. no pangs of missing him badly. k? rest assured i won't make the same mistakes that i've made before. thanks babe for your concern. u r truly one of my bestest friends! muackz. love u zakky!

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