Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Progress Packaged

Hehehe...yes...money spent...a lot of money spent. There is still the shopping at petaling street the following week wif...yes,"the boyfriend".

It still weirds me out to say the word "boyfriend".

Okay yeah...anyway this cmg week i will have to go back and do my oh-so-democratic-duty to vote. *if not my head will land on a platter*

Why did Dr. Tony Tan have to resign so soon! I'm suddenly so NOT gung-ho to vote liao...

Yes im back in KL again. Very tired. Not enough sleep and the seat was pretty uncomfortable.

I've got to prep for a presentation this 23rd May. So tomorrow will see me going to the library at 10am. Thank God its only for an hour.

Strangely enough i kinda miss Him.

Emotional attachment is starting to kick in.

I hope i don't go into mush overload.

Yesterday saw US both flushed with embarassment as everyone seemed intent on looking at both of us and making cooing noises and making fun of Me in particular. Don't worry guys, you will get to meet the other half soon.

I just wanna say a quick thanks to shahidah (Aiss) for making it possible for the both of us to be together. If not for you, we wouldnt be together now.

I was actually apprehensive of telling my parents that i was seeing someone seriously at this point of time. Cos ive always known the stance they've had wif me and having boyfriends.

So yeah. i felt sixteen all over again when i had to broach the topic with my dad.

At least they're both okay with it and they're supportive(?) i guess.

Im praying that this one will work out.