Monday, May 08, 2006


The weekend was great. I spent time with the luv on saturday. Spent an outrageous number of hours on the phone with the babe Huda and one more marathon session on the phone with Taufiq. Both my peeps are going thru tough times. I pray that they will see through it with flying colours, InsyaAllah.

Me, im okay. Just feel like i havent come back down to reality yet. It seems so fast! I cant believe i am where i am right now sometimes. I guess my prayers have been answered and i have God to thank for that. All the times i had to go through just banging my head on the wall. I guess God does listen when we really listen to ourselves first.

I was presented with a hp (from the Nokia Amore collection) last 2 weeks before i left for KL and then on friday i was surprised with a bunny plush toy.

You should have seen the look on his face when i said i didnt like bunnies. (The live ones of course, cos they smell like pee all the time)

Ahakz...but i do love the plush toy! Thanks so much luv!

Will paatiently wait till u arrive on friday mrng k?

Meanwhile, i hv to start cracking and get the books open to study for 2 tests next week!!!!

But till on friday & saturday with you-know-who!!!

Congrats to Shereen on finishing her course in NUS! See you when you get back from Bangkok!