Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Since i've started to tutor, ive been pretty LAAAAZZZYYYYY.

But pls dun get me wrong hor.

I've done nothing other than housework.

And that itself just saps SO much energy.

-im starting to sound very much like a desperate housewife-

hey but everything's good. alhamdullillah.

my name is officially on the graduates list! *yeay-ness*

and i'll probably be heading over to KL next week to do my clearance.

plus i'll have my babe Azimah with me.

*Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee* shopping with Zimah will be crazy ;) kewl

The results didn't get me jumping up and down with joy.

But alhamdullillah i've passed. With a respectable grade.

Anyway, im gonna get off the pc now cos i have to get ready for tuition later in the evening.

-I'm missing you guys! Boo hoo...no more teh ais :(