Monday, June 14, 2004


The weekend went okay except when I found out that SOMEONE is going to France. What a bugger. Damn. And there i'm stuck in school beginning my new semester. I just HOPE that he brings me a nice trinket at least when he comes back. Spent my Saturday at home...practically moping around the house. Ugh...Saturday completely SUCKED big time.
Sunday was a LOT better. My parents and my two brothers left for Cameron Highlands. "WOOTNESS" as Zak puts it. They left late last night and even before they got out of the house, my sister was already doing a victory dance (ahakz!). Earlier in the day i finally managed to do some shopping. Been a while since i actually did some shopping. I was totally pleased with my buys. The denim skirt which i have been looking for finally fell into my lap! ekhekehkehkeh Got it at such a bargain & imagine the surprise i got when i went to the cashier to pay for the skirt, they slashed another 20% off the price! that was a really pleasant surprise! It definitely made my day.
Now i cant wait to go out shopping with my gerls Su and Waa! Its been a long time since we hung out together.
I'm NOT looking forward to going back to campus. It's kind of a drag. I'm trying not to think about it. Don't want to leave. Really don't want to. Don't want stuff to go awry again. Everytime i leave something bad is bound to happen in my life. I'm too emotionally drained right now to go through with everything again. I still feel hurt and betrayed. I always wonder what i've done wrong. Have i ever been mean to anyone? Did i hurt anyone to deserve all this? Seeking solace is hard. It's always a hard thing to do, cos it always seems to me like a slap in the face.
Well life goes on and I'm trying hard to forget it. No problem so far and i don't foresee any further glitches. Its just that i really wanna hit the asshole but what good is that gonna do? No one really knows what I'm going through. It just sucks when you personally have to scrape yourself off the floor and blow yourself up again. It just takes up too much energy and too much effort. I even wonder why I even bother sometimes...