Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Hey ho peeps...alah terharunya aku baca Waa nyer blog! (I mean i feel soo touched after reading Waa's blog!) kehkehekhekhe. Anyways...today's another pissed off day! Lets just say since last night at abt 7 plus, due to some sort of water shortage, my hostel ended up with no waterrrrrrr.....had to like pee so badly in the middle of the night! Ugh and i was so lazy to go over to the next block (and not knowing wat could happen to me) i just went to he loo and luckily i had some wet tissues around. AAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Crap-a-doodle-doo i tell you.....always must have something go wrong at the beginning of the semester....cant anything go right? Haiz...i have another problem to face which is i have to take another extra classs to fulfill my credit hours... I'm on some damnes waiting list. I realllllyyyy reallllyyy hope i can get in. This morning wanted to blog but then too many people in the library and as i write this in the Human Sciences computer lab, there are like a dozen people like reading as i write this behind me.

To Zakky and ma sec sch pals.... pls get back to me by FRIDAAAAAYYY! so that we can go for that piknik!

To aridewa: Gi update cepat lerrrrrrr! Aku masih nak tau wat telah happened!

To all the people who miss me, Lady M i miss you too lah...jgn sedih2 k? Next time kiter gi hang....sorry i tak turun gig last Saturday...i tak tau pun (anyway i turun bedok nak gi belasah satu jantan ni tapi dier tak show! phuck!), we will catch up soon! I'll be back this weekend y'all! -Muackz-
P.S: I'll try my best to blog regularly k?