Monday, May 31, 2004

Apparently im having too much time on my hands right Dewi? kehkehkeh yeah i think so too. im getting soooooo bored right now. although there are so many things that are gonna be happening this weekend. Baru monday dah 3 peeps wanna make a date with me.
1) Sue asked me to go to Tulangz gig
2) Floorball friendly on Saturday
3) Flooball training on Sunday

I have nothing but floorball in my life right now....i am so pathetic and lame. least Shafiq's around...woooohooooo kehekhekekehe. Went out with him again. Had lunch this time...pretty tired after meeting him and then i had TRAINING. yes. i got whacked by one of my juniors and now i have a big red welt on my shin. it hurt but at least it wasnt a hockey ball or a hockey stick. i have nothing on my agenda these days. i AM certified lame.

The secondary sch. reunion thingy is still on the way...although preps are kinda slow...yeah...too relaxed. Aiyah i really hope this thing happens man. Miss the guys so much and all the times we had in the past. I know i should move on...its been four years but the peeps ive met in sec sch is one of the most greatest things that has ever happened to me! some peeps dont value friendship the way i do and its kinda sad cos u dont get to share these things and relate to them.

Haiz im soooo tired...later