Friday, May 28, 2004

I had a blast of a day!
In order of the day: 1)Went out to send my brother
2)Met shafiq and spent the morning to have brekkie wif him
3)Met my gal pals for a shopping spree (although i came out empty handed)

Wohooooo...i had a blast...especially breakfast wif shafiq. He's an amazing guy. Nice and its the kind of commitment i want. No strings attached yet there's always someone you can go to when you're lonely. No offence to any of my friends but its just the BGR thing. U guys shld understand. Breakfast was good.khekhekhekhe....lots of verbal exchanges. it was nice to have someone around like that again. Helped me deal with the breakup.

After a late breakfast he sent me to orchard rd. YES he has a CAR!kehekehkekeh i think i must have struck lottery man. was kinda early so i walked aimlessly in orchard rd and then finally ended up waiting at the mrt station (cos i was early) and fell asleep at the steps. waited an hour ...had a gd 40 winks. After that we went for lunch at Cahaya and made the rounds at Far East for some shopping. After a few minutes of flexing our leg muscles we then made our way to MANGO across the street.

The theme of the day was too look for long sleeved shirts. I on the other hand am still searching for the perfect denim skirt that i want to use to death! Still in hopeful search...

After all the MANGO store hopping all the way from Shaw Towers to Wisma we abandoned all hope and went to ZARA instead and Azimah and Zak bought shirts. I ended up with nothing which was kinda unexpected. I didnt shop at all! im amazed!

Anyway im tired now...gotta rest. Nytes