Monday, May 24, 2004

Its a brand new day. New challenges await me at the end of the tunnel. Still not losing sight of my goal (none of you know and im not gonna tell you either!). Anyway...something shocking for all my readers. I've finally broken up with my boyfriend. The long distance thing was not working out with both of us getting on each others nerves for not being with each other whenever we needed each other. So it all became official on Saturday night.

Well at least i don't have to worry anymore when im back in KL. After the breakup, i met my friends. My secondary school friends. They've been the grounding force in my life and i didnt noe how much they really mean to me till something terrible happened. They really did their best to make me feel better and indeed i did.

Now i have so much time to myself...i have no idea where to start. For starters...ive decided to spend more time with my close friends.
Its gonna be good.
Thanks to all my friends who were there for me on Sunday. I miss you guys already and is the BBQ plan thingy gonna happen at all???

Tag me or gimme a buzz k?

Finally i've put and end to the missing template. I have no idea what happened. Its crazy!!!!!!
Hope you guys like the new one.