Friday, May 21, 2004

Okay the craziness has begun AGAIN!!! Its the mystery of the swopping templates i tell you. This template was the one that went missing the other day and now its mysteriously appeared again...something strange is going on i tell you.

Anyway...last night's American Idol III didnt bring in any new surprises. The performance by Tamyra Gray was good... i didnt noe she was such an accomplished songwriter as well! Guy Sebastian was on last night! He sang well too!!!!!

However there was no surprises when it came to the elimination of Jasmine Trias. She's sweet but she was in no way up for the competition. And besides, there isnt anymore competition since Latoya London got ceremoniously booted out. So my bets are now on Fantasia. Lets just hope that America decides carefully this time.

Probably gonna see my honey on Sunday. Its gonna be out 10th month together. WoW. Its been that long already. I'm so happy. We're gonna spend the whole morning/afternoon together! A fantastic reprieve after the stressfull exams.

So till next time (and hopefully not another switch of templates)