Friday, May 14, 2004

Wohooooo! First time this week i get to blog. How's everyone? I hope you're okay. Anyways exams are sooooooo just around the bend!
At least i get to look forward to coming home early compared to all my other Singaporean friends.
First paper is Malay! What a bummer! Tuesday Intensive expository writing and linguistics. After these 2 papers then straight to the bus terminus! Whopeeeee!

Before i get way over my head, i have to remind myself that i have study first!!!!!!

Wednesday is YJC's sports day and they need the ex students to take part or something like that. And im going! I'm leaving on tuesday just for that. I am so excited that i'll be able to meet all my ex school mates!

My fren is waiting in the canteen so before she blows my head off for being late i better go now and print my assignment.