Sunday, May 30, 2004

Its been such a loooonnnggg day. why cant this day end much more quickly???? cant wait for tomorrow. neither can i wait for the day after that and so on and so forth. i cant believe so many things have already happened in my third week back home. my God. u wont believe the things that have been happening left right and centre.
so many people coming in and out of my life. so many events that will surely be etched into my memory. For one thing, i didnt know you could hurt someone without even knowing. or even making someone fall in love with u without ur own knowledge. i know these things happen but i never knew these things could happen to me.
my mom left for sweden last night and called just now. she's now in copenhagen for an 8 hour transit. she says she slept on and off on the plane from singapore to denmark.

beautiful castle in sweden

i absolutely hate being in charge. so many responsibilities that it really irks me. i wont really have much time to myself. the cooking, the cleaning. i havent been doing much of it at all. guess i cant sleep in anymore.

till the next post, adios.