Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding

The bride & the bridesmaid.

Have i told you how much i missed blogging?

I've been so knackered that i can't even bring myself to the pc.

That's how tired i am.

Not to mention that i've already started my swimming classes.

Oh and the whole of this week i've had mishaps with the bus service to and from KL.

My bus that was supposed to send us to KL mysteriously went bust.

The moment it reached Pudu, the bus driver (who really needs to work on his acting skills) told us that the door was spoilt.

So we had to make our way back to UIA ourselves.

Luckily i managed to share a cab with some other people.

Then yesterday, i had a problem with the journey back to singapore.

My bus which was scheduled for 10.30pm was delayed by 3 friggin' hours.

So i finally boarded the bus (which was a tourist bus: i.e. the 2x2 seats or bus persiaran) at 1.15am.

By the time i reached singapore it was already 7am.

And i had to make my way back home by MYSELF after 8 months of being pampered. Haha. Serves me right.

I reached home close to 8am. And i fell straight to bed and rose from the dead at 1.15pm.

I was knackered.


Just enjoy the pics from the wedding.