Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here Comes 2007...

I am glad.

I am relieved.

Relieved that 2006 came and went with a lot of sweet memories.

I started off 2006 with a BANG!


I ushered in the new year with shasha and darwis and a whole slew of other guys from school.

That was fab.

I still cant get the fireworks out of my mind.

And then there were plenty of highlights of 2006

1) My BACKSTREET BOYS concert! Of course! 24th January 2006. I will carry it in my heart forever!

2) My school year just got better and better. Better lecturers = better grades! :D

3) By April, i celebrated my 22nd b'day and on the 16th of April 2006 i met my beau. That was a lovely day.

4) Studied really hard to prove to my parents and myself that i could juggle a r'ship and studies. ChECK!

5)My first ramadhan and eid'ul fitr with the love. Met his parents and he met my parents. It went better than expected.

6)Not so much a highlight but i lost my great-grandfather this ramadhan too.

7) I became a senior! Oh my god. this i think was the least anticipated highlight. People are calling me Kak Mary for god's sake!

8) One of my best friends got MARRIED! I was glad to share that special day with her. Thanks again Huda. :D I am sooooo happy for you.

So. I really enjoyed 2006. I am going to make 2007 a better one.

Especially since i'm going to graduate this year.

I began it with my bf in the wee hours of 2007.

Thanks Sayang. Love you lots.

Insya-Allah end of this year k?