Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All is Well

Im baaacccckkk.


I am sitting pretty in my room and typing this entry.

Its good to have the wireless back.

At least there's some other form of entertainment besides the countless number of dvd/vcds that i've watched.

At this point in time, i've already lost count of how many times i've already watched Night At The Museum.

Its so Hilarious.

And yes. That was with Hilarious with a capital H.

"O-oh! You better run-run. Cos there's the Hun-huns"

Ben Stiller never fails to deliver.

His comic timing is just splendid.

By the way, all is well in loveland.

Thank God for the reservist training scheduled the rest of this week.

Although, i am kind worried how he'll do in the IPPT.

He has got pretty round in the mid-section.

But i still love my bear-bear whatever shape he is.


Anyway. I still have a mid-term scheduled for tomorrow.

And i do have an introduction to an argumentative essay that needs major reconstruction.

It felt like crap after reading it for the 4562123rd time.

See. I may be an English major but sometimes i do have problems.

Especially since this tutor of mine is a perfectionist.

Which isn't so bad sometimes. We all need that extra push once in awhile.

I am exhausted today.

Tuesdays always wring the life out of me.

Its no joke being in classes from 8.30am till 4pm.

And i still have no idea how Dr. Noorharun keeps the minutes going by so achingly slowly.

Its like everytime i glance at the watch, the time has barely passed.

But thank God he's such a witty and interesting lecturer.

Thank you for the grades!

I am so motivated to do better for the next assignment!

Okay, enough of this verbal vomit.

I am pooped.